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5 Hour Energy

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5 Hour Energy

 – Energy is what powers us through the day, helping us focus at work, supporting our bodies through every move we make and fighting fatigue to keep us feeling great. Unfortunately, many things can deplete our energy from stress to illness to a lack of sleep to an imbalanced diet. When you're feeling deprived of energy, you simply can't function at your best, but all too often, the solutions that can help us quickly boost energy leave us feeling even more fatigued within a few hours. 5-hour Energy supplements are designed to increase energy fast without causing a crash later.
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5-hour Energy is a brand of easy-to-take energy supplements. The products in the collection come in liquid form in a single serving. Simply open the bottle and drink the entire shot to get the benefits of the formula. To make the supplements as pleasant as possible, they come in an array of flavors and are tested to make sure they are pleasing to the palate. Because of the single shot bottle, the supplements are great for use when you're on the go and can be kept in your desk at work, your bag or your car for a quick pick-me-up when you begin to feel low on energy.

Caffeine is one of the key ingredients in many 5-hour Energy supplements, but unlike other energy products that contain dangerously large doses of the stimulant, the 5-hour Energy shots only have as much caffeine as an ordinary cup of coffee. This helps to decrease the likelihood of jitteriness and nervousness that can develop after taking many caffeine energy products. There are also caffeine-free shots in the 5-hour Energy collection for those who are extra sensitive to the stimulant.

Many energy supplements use herbal stimulants to deliver results. While these herbs can be effective, many of them can produce side effects in some individuals. 5-hour Energy is free of herbal stimulants. Instead, the shots contain natural nutrients that are necessary for producing energy in the body, such as B vitamins in amino acids. These are the same nutrients found in foods that promote energy, making them easy to digest.

Another way that many inferior energy products promote energetic feelings is with sugar. While sugars do give the body an initial rush of energy, the benefits wear off quickly with energy levels severely dropping in what many call a sugar crash. 5-hour Energy is completely free of sugar, so its effects wear off gradually without any noticeable crash or slump. Best of all, 5-hour Energy is formulated to increase levels for up to 5 full hours to help you get through the rest of your workday or that last college seminar of the day.

At drugstore.com, we make it as easy as possible to stock up on 5-hour Energy shots. We have a selection of some of the most popular flavors available in our 5-hour Energy department in boxes that provide several shots to last you through your workweek and beyond. Shop the collection now to find 5-hour Energy shots at great low prices.

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