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 – Since 1984, Advil has been a top name in pain relief and is known for offering quality over-the-counter products to help people alleviate discomfort and enjoy a higher quality of life. Today, the Advil products collection includes a wide range of options to help you best address your symptoms.
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Ibuprofen for Pain Relief

Advil is a brand name for ibuprofen, a type of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or NSAID medication. In the body, NSAIDs like Advil interrupt the process that causes the release of prostaglandins, chemicals that transmit pain signals to the brain. The actions of the medication also help to reduce the immune system's inflammatory response, which can reduce swelling and tenderness. In the pain relief collection from Advil, you'll find options for children and adults with specialty formulas available for headaches and more severe pain.

Products to Alleviate Cold, Allergy and Sinus Symptoms

Many adults suffer from respiratory infections and allergy and sinus symptoms throughout the year. These conditions and illnesses frequently cause unpleasant nasal congestion accompanied by pain, such as headaches or general body aches. To help those suffering from cold, allergy and sinus problems, Advil offers combination products that bring together the pain relief benefits of ibuprofen with the decongestant actions of phenylephrine hydrochloride. This over-the-counter medication helps to reduce the amount of mucus in the nasal passages, which can allow you to breathe better and minimize pressure in the sinuses.

Sleep Aids for Adults

When you're suffering from an injury or minor pain due to an illness or medical condition, it can be difficult to get comfortable enough to easily fall asleep at night. Spending hours tossing and turning due to your discomfort can leave you feeling stressed and prevent you from getting the rest that you need to help your body function at its best. To assist those who are struggling with sleep disturbances due to pain, Advil offers nighttime sleep aids with ibuprofen and diphenhydramine citrate, a sleep aid. These products are only intended for occasional use and are not meant to be used as an over-the-counter treatment for chronic insomnia.

Important Safety Considerations

While Advil products are produced in accordance with very high quality standards and are frequently recommended by doctors, they may not be safe for all individuals. Those with heart conditions or who are at risk for a stroke may be at an increased risk of complications when using any NSAID. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications are also known to cause gastrointestinal side effects and may interfere with certain medications. Before taking any Advil product, be sure to consult your doctor to ensure that the formula is ideal for you. Always take only the amount of the product recommended by the manufacturer unless your physician gives you other instructions.

At drugstore.com, we make stocking up on the Advil products that you need for pain relief, cold and sinus symptoms and managing sleepless nights as easy as possible. You can use the links on the left-hand side of the page to refine your search and locate your favorite Advil products in no time.

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