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Aeropress AeroPress Coffee Maker 1 ea

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Quick & Easy!

Rated Best Coffee Maker by User Reviews

  • 1-4 Cup Coffee & Espresso Maker
  • Recommended by Experts
  • BPA Free
  • Non-Toxic Plastic, No Bisphenol-A, No Phthalates

"The best cup of coffee I have ever had."
TJ Fairchild, Owner, Commonplace Coffeehouse, Indiana, PA, USA

"It makes the best latte I've ever tasted."
Margie Gray, Milburn, NJ, USA

"The absolute best way to make a cup of coffee, bar none."
Rich Lancaster, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

"It is amazingly easy to use."
David Maier, Brush Prairie, WA, USA

"It's faster than a French press, makes better-tasting, incredibly smooth coffee & is trivially easy to clean."
"If I were a robot, the AeroPress would be my arm."
Charlene de Buysere, Gent, Belgium

"The quality of the coffee it yields has to be tasted to be believed.  I own every brewing device known to man & they have all been gathering dust since the AeroPress made its way into our house."
Kevin Know, 28 Year Specialty Coffee Industry Veteran & Author of "Coffee Basics"

"When used properly, AeroPress Produces a remarkably good espresso-style coffee & an excellent Americano-styly cup.  In fact, it products a better espresso-style coffee than many home machines that cost twenty or thirty times as much."
Kenneth Davids, Author of "Coffee:  A Guide to Buying, Brewing & Enjoying," "Espresso:  Ultimate Coffee," & "Coffee Roasting:  Romance & Revival."

"The best coffee maker I've ever owned."
Robin Sam, Denver, CO, USA


Made in USA


Aeropress Coffee Maker

 – Some things just make a morning better – like a good cup of coffee. Now you can brew a superior cup of coffee at home using the Aeropress Coffee Maker. When you sip a cup of java that comes out of an Aeropress Coffee Maker you’ll feel like you’re sitting in a French café. That’s because this unique approach to brewing coffee at home delivers an espresso-strength cup of coffee without the need for a home espresso machine or a barista to prepare it for you.

How is the Aeropress Coffee Maker different from a traditional coffee maker? It works similarly to a French press. Coffee is steeped and forced through a filter by pressing a plunger. Most people use a paper filter although metal ones are available. Unlike a French press, the Aeropress uses air pressure to extract the maximal amount of flavor from the coffee so you can enjoy a cup of coffee that’s bold, rich and flavorful. Just as importantly, your cup of coffee is ready in about a minute from start to finish so you can sip leisurely and get on with your busy day.

How does it compare to brewed coffee? When you drip coffee it can come out bitter. That’s because the water is too hot when it first drips onto the coffee. Then as the water cools, the extraction weakens in such a way that the full flavor isn’t extracted. With the Aeropress Coffee Maker, the water makes contact with the coffee at a uniform temperature so the flavor is extracted evenly while the gentle pressure from the Aeropress “pulls” still more flavor out of the coffee so you can enjoy the most flavorful brew possible.

How does it compare to brew from an espresso machine? When you make coffee using an Aeropress, you use a lower temperature and a short brewing time. This makes the flavor robust like espresso but less bitter since the flavor is extracted at a lower temperature, meaning no more bitter brew. Unlike an espresso machine, the Aeropress Coffee Maker is quick and easy to clean and doesn’t require the regular maintenance that an espresso machine does. It also doesn’t take up a lot of space in your kitchen.

There’s another advantage to sipping coffee made with an Aeropress: it’s less acidic than brewed coffee. The lower acidity makes it taste better while also being easier on your tummy. If you’re one of the many people who get indigestion when you drink a cup of brewed coffee, coffee made with an Aeropress may be more soothing to your stomach since it has a lower acidity.

If you’re picky about the coffee you drink, or even a bit of a coffee “snob,” you can still enjoy a robust, flavorful, barista quality cup in your own home with the Aeropress Coffee Maker. Plus, it’s incredibly fast and easy to clean. You may never look at your morning cup of coffee the same again.
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