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 – Allergy symptoms are nothing to "sneeze" at. Allergic rhinitis affects between 10 and 30% of people around the world - men, women and children. Allergic rhinitis refers to irritated, inflamed nasal passages from exposure to something you're allergic to. Chances are you're already familiar with the symptoms of seasonal allergies - runny nose, nasal stuffiness, itchy eyes, sneezing and eye puffiness. Needless to say these symptoms don't help you look or feel your best. For years Allegra has been helping allergy sufferers get relief from hard-to-manage allergy symptoms.
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Allegra Brand: Once a Day for Allergy Relief

Allegra is formulated with fexofenadine, an antihistamine that provides 24-hour allergy relief in a single dose. What makes it different from other antihistamines? Some over-the-counter antihistamines carry a high risk for drowsiness and sedation. That's inconvenient if you have to stay awake and alert. Allegra is less likely to cause sedation compared to many other over-the-counter antihistamines. Although the risk of drowsiness is lower, don't drive or operate machinery until you know how Allegra makes you feel.

Adults aren't the only ones to suffer from allergies. Children suffer from the problem as well. Children six years of age or older can get the same non-drowsy allergy relief as adults with special formulation made just for kids. Ask your pediatrician if the products are right for your child. Relief comes in the form of easy-to-take liquid or tablets that melt in a child's mouth, delivering 24-hour relief of nasal congestion, stuffiness, sneezing and itchy eyes. Whether your child suffers from indoor or outdoor allergies, Allegra offers targeted relief from tough allergy symptoms.

Taming Allergy Symptoms

There are things you can do from a lifestyle standpoint to ease allergy symptoms. The most important is to know what triggers your allergies and avoid those triggers as much as possible. An air purifier with a HEPA filter to filter out allergens helps to keep your indoor environment clean and free of allergens. Taking extra care to keep bed coverings, pillows and carpeting clean also helps to reduce exposure to allergy triggers. If you're allergic to pollen, stay indoors as much as possible when levels are high. If you experience allergy symptoms despite these precautions, ask your doctor whether the 24-hour allergy protection of Allegra is right for you.

Allegra for Relief of Itching

Allegra also offers relief for itchy, irritated skin due to insect bites, poison ivy and other minor skin irritations. Their cooling itch relief products combine the power of a topical antihistamine and allantoin, a natural compound that calms the inflammation that contributes to itchy, irritated skin. As it works to soothe inflammation, an antihistamine blocks the activity of histamine, a chemical released when your skin is irritated. Ever notice when you scratch an itchy area, it causes it to itch even more? Allegra stops the itch cycle so you can stop scratching and focus on doing what you enjoy. Discover what Allegra can do for you and your family. Then ask your doctor if Allegra is right for you.

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