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 – Smooth, soft and supple skin is the ideal, but the reality can often be different: sometimes areas of skin can become dry, cracked and flaky. These are conditions that are all too common, particularly as skin ages, and require careful attention. Amlactin skin care products are formulated to help bring rough, dry skin back to a soft, natural state by carefully exfoliating the layers of dead skin cells and promoting the natural process of skin renewal. The emollients and humectants included in the creams and lotions also moisturize, to keep the skin fresh, smooth and clear.
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Rough Skin

Usually, skin goes through a natural cycle of renewal, where cells are formed deep in the dermis layer and migrate to the surface. Individual cells eventually become hardened, die and are detached from the skin in a process called keritanization. Sometimes, though, hardened cells are not shed and form rough and cracked areas. Many factors can contribute to the appearance of this kind of distressed skin, commonly found on the elbows, knees and heels, and even in patches on other parts of the body. The causes include frequent exposure to a harsh environment, irritating chemicals, hot water, soap and detergents, as well as some skin disorders. An associated condition of dry skin, medically known as keratosis pilaris (KP), but commonly called "chicken skin," can be found in approximately 40% of people, particularly under the age of 30. KP expresses itself as areas of dry, rough skin, often with small red or white bumps around the base of hair follicles. This is caused by a build-up of keratin formed of old, dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, which form scaly plugs that block up the hair follicles.

Fresh Skin, Naturally

All of these skin conditions can be improved by helping the built-up patches of old hard skin cells to be shed, allowing new cells below to come to the surface. Amlactin is formulated with lactic acid, a form of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which promotes exfoliation while balancing the pH of the newly revealed healthy cells. The creams and lotions are provided with 12% lactic acid, one of the strongest available for at-home use. This allows them to provide effective exfoliation, helping to smooth out rough, cracked areas and relieving areas of built-up keratin. The new, fresh skin cells are also protected with emollients and humectants in a patented formula Ultraplex®, an extra-strength blend of three naturally occurring moisturizing compounds: ammonium lactate, sodium lactate and potassium lactate. These ingredients both moisturize the skin and help the tissues to attract and retain hydration.

Enjoy the Smoothness

The goals of Amlactin is to relieve, repair, restore and recover dry, flaking and cracked skin using naturally occurring ingredients to promote the skin's own natural processes. Their non-greasy, long-lasting formulas also moisturize the skin and help it continue to maintain proper hydration. While using these products, new skin cells are brought to the surface of the skin, which may cause some increased sensitivity to sunburn. During an Amlactin regimen, limiting exposure to the sun and the use of sunscreen is encouraged.

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