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Baby Activity

 –  Babies are naturally curious. They love to watch, listen, touch, and explore throughout their day. Their brains are designed to be learning all the time. Everything that they see, hear, and feel can teach them something new. At drugstore.com, we offer a variety of baby activity gear that can help you keep your baby safe and secure while offering fascinating sensory experiences that capture your child's imagination and support healthy physical and cognitive development.
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What Is a Baby Gym?

When babies are very small and unable to move around by themselves, you can provide sensory experiences by placing them on activity gyms. With comfortable mats and multicolored toys that hang above them, little ones are encouraged to reach out to touch and explore the bright accessories. Some of the hanging toys produce interesting or unusual sounds that encourage babies to play with them again and again.

Why Use a Baby Swing?

A rocking motion can help to settle and soothe your little one. It can be a great way to help your baby drift off to sleep. However, it can be difficult to find time to rock your little one in your arms during the day, particularly if you have chores to attend to or other children to look after. Automatic cradle swings help to comfort your child and are ideal for settling your baby for daytime naps. These padded cradles often come with a variety of speed settings, allowing you to choose the one that works best for your child. Some models offer gentle music to help your child drift off or a hanging mobile for visual stimulation.

Baby Tummy Time Activities

Babies need to build their shoulder and neck muscles to enable them to support the weight of their heads as they learn to sit upright. Childcare professionals often suggest that giving your baby some tummy time each day will help with this physical development. As they lie on their tummies, babies learn to lift their heads and look around, building up their shoulder and neck muscles. A specially designed tummy time mat can help make this activity fun for you and your child. Toys that offer visual and auditory stimulation can encourage babies to lift their heads to explore the world around them.

Activity Centers and Exersaucers

When you need your little one to remain in one place without becoming bored, activity centers and exersaucers offer the ideal solution. The safe and secure environment provides parents with peace of mind. They know that their child cannot crawl or toddle away. At the same time, the child's imagination is fed by a series of interesting activities. Bright toys cry out for little hands to touch and squeeze them. Some buttons also provide a musical or spoken response, encouraging your child to discover cause and effect. Bouncers help babies to become confident with being upright and help to build the muscles they need to become stable while standing.

How Do Baby Walkers Work?

As babies learn to stand and take their first steps, they may benefit from using a baby walker. Comfortable padded seats provide support as little ones build the leg muscles necessary to support their weight.

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