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Baby Food

 – During their first years of life, babies go through so many changes. When doing everything from learning to roll over to taking first steps, babies build the muscle and bone strength and brain power to help them through all of these transitions from their diets. Without good nutrition, babies just can't grow and develop properly. While breastfeeding and formula typically provide all of the essentials needed during the first months of life, children will eventually need more nutrition than what they provide. If your child has reached this point in his or her development, drugstore.com can help you find the baby food that you need to complete his or her diet, depending on his or her pediatrician’s guidelines.
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Earth's Best Organic Brown Rice Cereal- 8 oz
Earth's Best - Organic Brown Rice Cereal - 8 oz
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Baby food comes in many different varieties to meet babies' nutritional needs and to offer convenience for their parents. Often times, babies are introduced to infant cereals before they are given any other type of solid foods. These cereals are often mixed with formula and have a thick, yet soft consistency that makes them easy for babies to eat. When babies begin on infant cereal, their diets may consist of both breastfeeding or formula and baby food, with solids being introduced gradually at certain feedings or being given after a few minutes of bottle or breastfeeding.

Infant cereals are undoubtedly one of the most popular baby foods on the market, but there are many other varieties available. Soft foods are baby foods that come in jars and pouches and consist of vegetables, fruits, grains or meats that have been pureed to make them easy for babies to eat. These foods are fed to babies with a spoon. When children become more accustomed to eating baby foods, they can typically then begin trying finger foods. At this stage, there are many snacks and other foods on the market made especially to meet the nutritional needs of babies. These products can be enjoyed at home and are also convenient options for dining while on the go.

Babies develop at different paces, and not all children are ready to transition from breastfeeding or bottles to baby food at the same time. Most doctors recommend that babies be at least double their body weight and 4 months old before they eat any solid foods; however, children who are developmentally delayed may need to wait longer before trying any type of baby food. Parents should always consult their pediatricians about the transition to solids and follow their recommendations. Only a medical professional can provide customized advice about when baby food is right for an individual child.

drugstore.com makes it simple to find all of the baby food products that are needed to help any little one make the transition from formula or breastfeeding to baby food. We have a wide selection of infant cereals, soft foods and crunchy snacks from which you can choose. Our products are delicious, nutritious infant foods that are sure to please both Baby and Mom, and we help busy mothers stay stocked up on baby food by shipping their purchases right to their doors. Start shopping the collection now to find the right baby food!

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