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Baby Monitors

 –  As a new parent, it can be difficult to let your baby out of your sight for even a moment, but you still have chores and other responsibilities that need to be taken care of. Luckily, the advanced baby monitors you can find at drugstore.com are excellent tools for keeping track of your sleeping baby's comfort and happiness when you can't be in the same room.
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How Do Audio Monitors Work?

Audio-only baby monitors have been popular for decades, and are still the go-to product for many parents. These devices use the same general principle as a pair of walkie-talkies. Just put the monitor in your baby's room, and it will transmit any noises your little one makes to your portable receiver. As simple as these devices may seem, however, there are still a few factors you should consider when shopping.

Most importantly, you should try to choose a monitor that won't pick up interference from other devices in your home or neighborhood. Many of the electronics you use--from your cell phone to your microwave to your laptop--will operate on a 2.4 GHz radio frequency. It's best to choose a baby monitor that stays away from this common frequency so you don't have to deal with static and other interruptions from your devices.

Sound-Activated Lights

Many parents also opt for an audio monitor that has sound-activated lights on the receiver. This feature can be helpful if you are in a noisy room but still want to keep track of your baby, because the lights will alert you to cries even if you can't hear them.

Should I Get a Video Baby Monitor?

If you want to literally keep an eye on your little one at all times, then you might consider one of the video baby monitors available at drugstore.com. These devices use a camera that you train on your tot, and the picture is transmitted to your receiver so that you can watch what's happening in your baby's room at any time. Depending on the style of product you opt for, the video might be in color or black and white, and the camera may even include an infrared option that you can use for night vision. Video baby monitors either transmit via radio frequency or through your home's Wi-Fi network. Many options are digital and wireless.

Other Popular Features

Regardless of whether you use an audio or a video baby monitor, many of the most technologically advanced products have a number of extra features. You might consider a monitor that tracks the environmental conditions in your baby's room. Since infants are much more sensitive than adults to minor changes in temperature and humidity, these monitors are able to alert you if your baby's environment is likely to lead to discomfort.

Other monitors also include a mat attachment that goes under your baby while he or she sleeps. These mats act as micro-motion sensors and will alert you if your child does not move for a period of time.

No matter how closely you want to be able to pay attention to your baby's sleep habits, drugstore.com has a baby monitor to fit every parenting style. Browse the selection of audio and video monitors today to find the perfect tool for your growing family.

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