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Baby Proofing

 –  Most new parents are thrilled when their child starts to crawl, until they realize the sorts of dangers that can suddenly pose a constant threat around the house. Everything from the knives in your drawer to the water in your toilet becomes a potential hazard to your mobile youngster. Luckily, drugstore.com has a wide range of baby proofing products that can help you keep your little one safe at home.
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How to Baby Proof the House

Perhaps the most important tools you can use to baby proof your house are the ones that will actively prevent your child from getting hurt. Kids are inexplicably drawn to power outlets, and they will stick their fingers into the electrified holes before you even realize what they are up to. You should always cover unused outlets and surge protectors with specially designed caps so that they don't pose a threat. Another dangerous household staple is the cord that controls your window blinds. These cords pose a major strangulation risk unless they are well controlled, and you can find products that are specifically designed to wrangle the cords so that kids can't reach them.

Corner Guards and Cushions

Often, young children who are just learning how to crawl don't know to stay away from the sharp corners along the edges of your furniture. To make these corners less dangerous, drugstore.com stocks a number of different corner guards and cushions to soften the impact and make an accidental collision less likely to actually break the skin.

Baby Locks and Latches

Even if you have areas in your home that don't pose an immediate threat, there are still likely to be plenty of nooks and crannies that you want to keep your young child away from. drugstore.com has a wide range of locks that you can easily install around your home. Consider cabinet door and drawer locks to keep your tot away from dangerous utensils in the kitchen, cleaning products in the bathroom, and more. You can also find locks to keep kids out of the fridge and other appliances that have the potential to become hazards. Toilet locks are another important tool to make sure that your toddler isn't able to get at the water in the toilet bowl or the tank. These products may stymie young children, but they can be easily unlocked by older kids and adults so that you won't have trouble accessing these locations in your home.

You are also likely to have entire rooms of your house that you don't want your little one to enter (as well as wanting to ensure that your child can't get out of the house without you), so doorknob and lever guards are another popular product--especially once kids start walking. These locks require extra dexterity that your tot won't possess in order to get them open, and they will keep young children confined to the areas of the home that are safe.

No matter what products you use to baby proof your home, there is no substitute for proper adult supervision. Still, the tools you can find at drugstore.com can help provide another level of protection and keep your child as safe as possible at home.

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