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Baby Safe Cleaning

 –  Keeping your home clean and tidy is important to promoting an environment that is safe and comfortable for your entire family. You rely on cleaning products to help you get your home spic and span, and it's important that you choose cleaning solutions carefully to ensure that you get the best possible results. Baby safe cleaning products combine effective ingredients with child safe formulas and are great options for many families.
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Are Cleaning Products Harmful?

Cleaning products must contain powerful active ingredients in order to serve their intended purposes. Unfortunately, many of the most commonly used chemicals are unsafe for consumption and potential irritants for the skin, eyes and respiratory system. Adults can read labels and take steps to protect themselves from these ingredients found in cleaning products, but babies and small children don't have the same ability. As a result, children may eat or drink a poisonous cleaning product or spill a harsh chemical on their face or body. These innocent actions can have serious consequences.

Safe Cleaning Products for Babies

Baby safe cleaning products are cleaning solutions made specifically for families. Currently, there are no standards or rules regarding the usage of the word "baby safe" to describe a cleaning product, so no single definition for these products exists. Generally, baby safe cleaning products are free of toxic ingredients, substances that can poison or otherwise harm the body if ingested.

In addition, baby safe cleaning products often are hypoallergenic, meaning that they are free of common irritants. However, it’s important to understand that even hypoallergenic products still have the potential to produce a reaction is hypersensitive individuals. As a result, they are unlikely to cause allergic reactions and are not known to burn the skin if handled. Some baby safe cleaning products are also biodegradable. These formulas are environmentally friendly and do not release toxic ingredients into the water supply or soil.

Types of Baby Cleaning Products

You can find baby safe versions of nearly all types of cleaning products. Options include all-purpose cleansers in liquid and wipe forms. You can also find products designed for specific cleaning tasks, such as scrubbing the toilet, laundering clothing and washing the dishes. Because the definition of "baby safe" can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, be sure to read the product descriptions carefully to find out what a particular product contains.

Things to Remember About Baby Safe Cleaning Products

Using baby safe cleaning products in your home may help to reduce the risk of your child becoming injured or suffering a reaction; however, you should keep some things in mind about these cleaning solutions. Even though baby safe cleaning products are usually nontoxic, they are still not intended for consumption. If your child drinks or eats a baby safe cleaning product, you should consult poison control and his or her pediatrician. Don't allow baby safe cleaning products to come in contact with the eyes or mouth and be sure to read the labels carefully to ensure that you use the products correctly. Store all cleaning products out of the reach of kids. You may want to consider investing in cabinet locks to ensure that your cleaning products and other household chemicals are safely secured and inaccessible.

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