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Bath Time and Skin Care

 –  Your baby's skin is fresh and new, and it requires special care to remain in good health. If you're committed to greening your household by cutting down on your use of synthetic products, drugstore.com can help you look after your child's skin the natural way. We carry many natural and organic bath time and skin care products that you can use to create a healthy, gentle skin care routine.
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California Baby Calming Organic Powder- 2.5 oz
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Babyganics Bubble Bath, Chamomile Verbena- 20 oz
Babyganics - Bubble Bath, Chamomile Verbena - 20 oz
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Natural and Organic Baby Products

Natural bath time and skin care products for babies are formulas that contain plant extracts and other natural substances. The manufacturers of natural products for babies use as few synthetic ingredients as possible, greatly reducing the number of artificial fragrances, dyes and preservatives in their formulas. This makes natural bath time and skin care products extra gentle on babies' delicate skin. Organic products for babies are natural formulas that have received certification from one of the more than 90 worldwide organic certifying agencies. Certifying groups and organizations establish rules regarding the qualifications for organic certification. One of the largest certifiers of organic products in the U.S. is the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). An organic bath time or skin care product with the USDA certification seal will consist of at least 95 percent organic ingredients. By the USDA's definition, an organic ingredient is one grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers, that is not genetically modified and that is processed without being irradiated or exposed to sewage sludge and chemicals.

Natural Baby Bath Products

Because your baby's skin and eyes are very delicate, you must be cautious about the products that you use for cleansing. Ordinary soaps for adults are typically too harsh for babies' skin and can lead to dryness and irritation. Instead of formulas for grownups, you can choose natural body washes, soaps and shampoos made for babies. These products are still effective at removing sweat, debris and excess oil, but they are much less likely to rob the skin of moisture and irritate the skin. You should still use caution when rinsing your baby, being careful not to get any body wash or shampoo in the eyes.

Natural Baby Lotion and Diaper Rash Cream

Regular skin care is important to keeping your baby's skin soft and healthy. Applying a natural moisturizer or baby lotion after bathing will help to seal hydration into your baby's skin tissue to reduce the chances of dryness occurring. You can reapply baby lotion or moisturizer throughout the day as needed if signs of dryness develop. If you enjoy practicing infant massage to soothe your little one and bond with him or her, you can purchase natural baby massage oils to use during your special ritual. Natural diaper ointments can help to protect your baby's skin from urine and feces, reducing the risk of diaper rash. Some parents like to apply natural baby powders to their babies' bottoms to absorb moisture. If using baby powder, it is especially important to keep it away from a baby’s face to prevent the particles from being inhaled. Apply sparingly and always store it safely out of children’s reach. Should your baby develop a skin care problem, such as eczema, you can find natural topical products to address the symptoms. Talk to your child's pediatrician to find out which products are ideal.

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