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Breast Pumps

 – Pediatricians typically agree that breast feeding is the best way to ensure that babies get the daily nutrition that they need during the early stages of their lives. A mother's body is made to provide the nourishment that her baby needs to grow and develop, and many women find that breast feeding provides an opportunity for bonding and relaxing with their babies. Most women who have opted to breast feed eventually find that there are challenges to continuing to nurse their children. They may work out of the home, be traveling or experience discomfort or an infection that makes it painful when Baby latches on to the nipple. In virtually all of these instances, a breast pump can help moms overcome challenges and continue to breast feed.
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The most basic type of breast pump is a hand-held manual device. The breast is placed inside of a cup and then a handle is squeezed or pulled to create a suction and extract the milk. Manual breast pumps are inexpensive options among the options in feeding and nursing supplies collections and as a result are sometimes preferred by women who will only be expressing breast milk infrequently, such as when they are leaving the house for a special overnight trip. In addition, their small size makes them lightweight and easy to use while on the go. The drawbacks to manual styles are that they can be more time consuming to use and require Mom to actively operate them.

Electric breast pumps are the newest option among breast feeding supplies. These products use battery or electric power to produce suction automatically. Models may have just one pump to express milk from one breast at a time or two cups to address both breasts at once. Many people like the convenience of electric breast pumps, as they keep the hands relatively free and work quickly. An electric breast pump is usually heavier and larger than a manual pump and due to the electronic components, is often more expensive. Still, electric breast pumps are often preferred for daily use because of their design.

In addition to deciding whether you wish to opt for a manual or an electric breast pump, there are other features that you may be interested in when you're shopping for breast pumps. Some pumps have bottles attached to their suction cups. With these models, you can simply add a ring and a nipple to the bottle and feed baby without having to use bags or transfer milk from one container to another. Breast pumps may also be sold with travel bags for easy carrying, and electric models may have just one suction strength or multiple options available.

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