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Conditioners and Detanglers

 –  The hair and scalp have unique needs from one person to the next, even down to the littlest people we know. While adults may suffer from oily hair and scalp or dry scalp and brittle hair, babies and toddlers tend to have sensitive skin that requires the gentlest formulas around. Shampoo alone can cleanse but may not finish the job, leaving hair in tangles or without the baby soft smoothness and supple texture that makes styling a little one’s hair so much easier.
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When applied after shampoo, conditioners can dramatically enhance the quality and condition of your child's hair. Simply start out with shampoo and body wash in your baby's cleansing routine, and then finish up with a nice conditioner and some more playtime, splashing in the bath. Conditioners encourage a silky texture as well as a beautiful shine that makes hair attractive on so many levels for adults, so why not offer the same benefits to our smaller counterparts?

In many cases, conditioner smoothes out the tangles and tiny knots left behind in hair following shampooing. Sometimes hats and hair accessories can cause tangles while other times the day's activities may contribute to a messy head of hair. Moms of active babies and energetic toddlers may find their little ones' hair becomes especially knotty or tangled following all the running around and playing. A good detangling solution that is tear-free and gentle can help to bring that baby soft hair back to its smooth, straight, and silky state.

Benefits of Conditioners for Babies

Conditioning treatments for young hair can be a simple follow-up to your favorite bath time routine or they can be along the lines of a multitasking product that removes tangles while it conditions your child's locks. Some conditioners for kids are actually built into the shampoo, with a three-in-one formula that includes body wash as well.

Conditioners can help to add moisture back into the hair, fighting off dryness that occurs seasonally or throughout the year. Babies need to have moisture added back into the skin on a regular basis, so it makes sense that their hair can also benefit from a little hydration.

Many conditioners are designed for use following a shampoo, but some leave-in style conditioners and spray conditioners may be helpful options when it comes to beach trips, camping, and other day trips or vacations with the kids in tow.

Different Types of Detanglers

Formulas designed to detangle the hair may be built into a creamy conditioner or they may stand alone in an effective spray that can clear knots and tangles from your child's hair without the fuss. Serums and leave-in conditioning treatments can also help to remove tangles from your baby or toddler's head.

Detangling products designed for kids often boast delightful fragrances that children will love, making it easier to comb the tangles from a messy head. Fragrance-free options are also available for anyone wanting a natural or eco-conscious alternative. Use the products as needed during the bubble and baby bath routine or in between baths for on the spot detangling.

A Better Bath Time Routine

Your children come to know and love bath time when you make it a fun time for them. Conditioner and shampoo work nicely together, so your kids should not mind a little extra pampering. Give a little massage as you work the conditioner into their locks and sing softly or talk about the different bath toys your child likes best.

Be sure to introduce each of the baby bath products you use, such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotions and creams, so your little one knows and understands the routine. Try to use the same routine each day, or as often as needed. Teach your little ones while they are young so your kids will develop a positive routine of good bath time and skin care practices.

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