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Diaper Pails and Refills

 –  A baby can go through an average of 2,000 to 3,000 diapers every year, so what will you do with all of that diaper waste? While you can throw diapers away with the rest of your garbage, problems with odors can arise if diapers aren't disposed of separately. At drugstore.com, we have a number of diaper disposal solutions available to help you manage diaper waste and keep your home smelling fresh.
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Traditional Diaper Pails

A type of waste bin, traditional diaper pails are made specifically for holding dirty and wet diapers. With these diaper pails, you can use ordinary garbage bags of a specific size to line the inside of the waste bins. The lids or tops of the diaper pails are designed to keep odors contained until it is time to empty them. Choosing traditional diaper pails will give you a designated place to keep dirty and wet diapers and spare you from having to purchase special disposal bags or liners; however, some parents find that traditional diaper pails are not as effective at eliminating odors as diaper disposal systems.

How Do Diaper Disposal Systems Work?

Diaper disposal systems are diaper pails that use unique designs to keep dirty and wet diapers sealed away until it is time to take out the trash. With these systems, you insert a diaper and then use a mechanism that twists, turns, pulls out or slides to transfer the diaper into the sealed compartment. The design allows fewer odors to be detectable in the room around the diaper system. In order for diaper disposal systems to function properly, they typically must be used with a liner or bag that is specially designed for use with their mechanisms. This means that you'll need to stock up on refills and continue to purchase them until your baby is ready to transition to the potty.

Solutions for Diaper Storage

Managing clean diapers can be as frustrating as handling dirty ones for many parents. You want your home to be clean, clutter free and well organized, making it important that you come up with a convenient, tidy way to store diapers. For the nursery, you can purchase a cloth diaper stacker, which can be hung on the changing table, the crib, a hook on the wall or a door. Diaper stackers are usually made of cloth and have slits in their fronts, so that you can reach in and retrieve a diaper with ease. The cloth covers the diapers between uses, keeping the room looking attractive. If you want to keep your diapers stored with all of your diapering supplies, you can purchase a diaper caddy. These convenient organizers have space for diapers, wipes, diaper creams, extra clothing and more.

Other Accessories to Simplify Diapering

Depending on your needs, you can find a wide variety of other products to help make diapering easier at home and on the go. You can purchase storage bags that keep wet and dirty diapers contained until you can throw them away. Having a few of these in the diaper bag will make you ready to change diapers with ease when you're away from home. If odors linger in the nursery, you can purchase special deodorizers to help freshen the room. Odor-absorbing pads can also be placed on the changing table.

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