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Diaper Rash

 – Diaper rash is one of the most common skin ailments among infants. What causes it? Diaper rash is an inflammatory response that occurs when skin stays in contact with urine or feces for periods of time. Feces produces enzymes that act as skin irritants and directly contribute to skin inflammation and breakdown. That's why it's important to regularly change a baby's diapers and cleanse the diaper area thoroughly. Cleansing helps to remove the fecal enzymes that cause skin irritation and diaper rash. Some moms enjoy the convenience of baby wipes, but there are diaper washes available that you can apply with a soft cloth.
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The cleanser you select should be free of harsh chemicals that could irritate a baby's sensitive skin. Choose a wash specifically made for the delicate diaper area. Other types of cleansers are too harsh for a baby's skin. After cleansing, give baby the extra protection a skin protectant powder offers. Powder helps to soak up wetness and keep baby dry so there's less risk of skin irritation. Applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly also creates an invisible shield against wetness and helps to protect a baby's delicate skin. It's a good multipurpose product to have around for baby and mom - and for the whole family. Regardless of the cleansing option you choose, wipes and changing should be frequent enough to keep baby as dry as possible since wetness is the underlying cause of most irritation in the diaper area.

Among the best options for cleansing are organic diaper area washes formulated with skin-soothing plant and flower extracts and other cleansing and skin-conditioning ingredients sourced from nature. For active diaper rash, give baby the benefits of a diaper rash ointment containing zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is often recommended by doctors because it helps reduce inflammation and irritation in the diaper area and promote healing. For a natural approach to diaper rash relief, choose diaper care formulated with calendula, a healing herb related to the marigold flower. This healing botanical helps to calm skin irritation and promote healing and you can feel good knowing what touches baby's skin is sourced from nature. You'll discover diaper care comes in a variety of forms - ointment, cream or balm. Some are made exclusively of plant-based ingredients with no harmful chemicals or ingredients that are likely to irritate a baby's skin. Also available are germ wipesto help kill bacteria and other organisms that might be harmful to a baby.

Baby and mom can both benefit from the many options available for easing the symptoms of diaper rash. In many cases, diaper rash can be prevented with regular diaper changes and regular use of a diaper rash powder to reduce wetness. Sometimes, despite regular diaper changes, baby will develop an uncomfortable, red rash in the diaper region. You can usually ease a baby's symptoms with diaper rash formulas that contain zinc oxide, but if it doesn't resolve, see your baby's pediatrician. In some cases, a rash in the diaper area can be caused by other skin conditions, a nutritional deficiency or a depressed immune system and may need another type of treatment.

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