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Eye And Ear

 –  Your baby is busily discovering the world with all five senses. Caring for the eyes and ears is truly of the utmost importance to helping your child grow and develop. Whether you are looking for ways to protect your child's vision and hearing, promote good hygiene or deal with eye and ear problems, drugstore.com has the products you need to care for little eyes and ears.
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Eye Care Solutions for Baby

The area around the eyes is one of the most delicate parts of your baby's body, making it important that you use an extra gentle touch when cleaning it. Using cleansers made especially for babies' eye areas can help you to keep skin healthy and decrease the chance of irritation. These products can be used as a part of bath time or on their own to freshen baby's face in the morning or evening. Babies and toddlers may occasionally develop eye irritation due to infections or exposure to fine particulates in the environment. If your baby develops symptoms like redness, swelling or watering of the eyes, consult your pediatrician to find out which eye care products you should use to address the problem.

How to Clean Baby's Ears

Ear care is an essential part of infant care. You must take extra special care when cleaning your child's ears to avoid injury. Many pediatricians suggest using a warm, damp washcloth to clean your baby’s outer ear. It is important not to use cotton swabs, your fingers, or anything else to poke inside your baby’s ear because it can damage the ear canal. Some parents like to use ear syringes to remove a buildup of earwax and debris from their baby’s ears. Always consult with your baby’s pediatrician before using an ear syringe.

What to Use for Baby Earache

Many children develop problems with their ears during their first years of life. Roughly three-quarters of all children will experience at least one ear infection with a first infection usually occurring between 6 and 11 months of age. You can find over-the-counter pain relief medications and natural products to help you keep your child comfortable when earaches arise. Talk to your pediatrician about which products are the most ideal for your child's individual needs.

Baby Sunglasses

Your baby's eyes and ears are still developing, so taking steps to protect them is of the utmost importance. The sun poses a major threat to the eyes, as its intense ultraviolet energy can damage many of the internal parts of the eye. Whenever you'll be outdoors, be sure to shield your baby's eyes with sunglasses that provide UV protection. Infant and toddler sunglasses are made to be extra durable to reduce the risk of breakage, and they are specially designed to fit small children comfortably yet securely.

Ear Protection

Many people mistakenly believe that hearing loss is only a concern for adults, but nearly 16 percent of people have some degree of noise-induced hearing loss by the time they are teenagers. You can help to decrease your child's chances of early noise-induced hearing loss by using children's hearing protection. These earmuff-type protective devices are made for babies and older children and can be used at concerts, at fireworks displays, around loud vehicles and machinery and in other situations where your child will be exposed to loud noise.

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