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 – As a Mom or Dad, you want your baby to grow up to be as healthy and strong as possible. The nutrition that he or she receives during the first few months of life will have a major impact on how infant development progresses, as babies require nutrients to produce new cells for growth, strengthen their bones and muscles and help their brains develop. The baby food and formula that you give your baby matters, making it important that you have access to the best possible products to complete your child's diet. drugstore.com can help you find the right feeding solutions to help you give your child the best possible nutritional start in life. READ MORE ABOUT FORMULA AND FOOD »

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Breastfeeding provides complete nutrition for newborns, but not all mothers have the ability or the desire to breastfeed. Formula products are designed for use in place of breastmilk or to supplement a child's diet when he or she is away from mom or in a place where nursing is not possible. Many different infant formulas are available on the market to help meet the specific dietary needs of infants of all ages, including those on special diets due to health concerns.

How convenient formula feeding is for parents depends greatly upon the types of bottles that are used. Every baby's needs are different, so the manufacturers of infant feeding products offer bottles in many different styles. Products are available to reduce the likelihood of stomach upset and symptoms of colic developing after meals. You'll also find products designed for children with allergies to specific materials and others that are made especially to reduce spills while traveling. Bottles come in different sizes to make portion control for infants easy, and by combining bottles with different varieties of nipples; you can ensure that your child can suck easily and comfortably at every feeding.

As babies grow, their nutritional needs change, and pediatricians begin recommending baby food to supplement breast or bottle feeding. Infant cereals and soft baby foods are ideal for children at this age, as they are easy to swallow and help babies adjust to the new sensation of eating more solid foods. Most pediatricians recommend introducing one new solid food at a time and waiting for several days before starting a new food to make it easier to identify any allergies or sensitivities that a child may have. Once children have their first baby teeth and are accustomed to solid foods, parents may begin offering finger foods to add more variety to their babies' diets, depending on the baby’s pediatrician’s recommendations, of course.

drugstore.com makes feeding time easier for baby and mom alike. With our huge selection of foods and feeding supplies, you can find just what you're looking for in no time and get your purchases shipped to your home. When it comes time for a feeding, you'll have everything you need to fill your baby's tummy and provide him or her with all of the essential nutrients needed to encourage growth and development. If you're unsure which feeding products are right for you, consult your pediatrician for advice and then return to drugstore.com to find just what he or she recommends at a great price. BACK TO TOP »
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