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Lice Treatment

 –  It's important to make bath time and skin care a major part of your beauty regimen. For one, it helps you relax and pamper your skin, but it’s also an important opportunity to look for pesky problems, such as lice. These annoying critters lay eggs at the base of hair shafts. The eggs, called nits, stick to the hair shaft where you can see them if you look closely. Head lice are more common in kids and are spread by contact with clothing or personal care items from other kids (or adults) infected with lice. The best way not to be bothered by lice is to keep them from gaining a foothold in the first place.
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Walgreens Stop Lice Killing Shampoo- 4 fl oz
Walgreens - Stop Lice Killing Shampoo - 4 fl oz
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One way to keep lice at bay is to use hair care products that repel them. Choose ones that offer natural protection against head lice that contain ingredients like citronella, rosemary, peppermint and tea tree oil. The plant-based ingredients in these products are a safer alternative to chemical-based shampoos used to treat lice. Plus, they're gentler on hair, enhancing its natural body and texture - and they smell great too! Use a lice repellent shampoo and conditioner together for added effectiveness. It's an effective alternative to shampoo and body wash products and gives your child protection against lice. The botanicals in natural lice repel products aren't just "medicinal," they make hair more manageable and enhance its natural beauty.

If lice have already found their way to your child's head, tackle the critters with a lice elimination system. It has everything you need to send lice packing. This lice control system contains permethrin, an FDA-approved treatment that kills lice and their eggs and continues to protect against lice for 14 days after each application. It's the therapy most doctors recommend for people with head lice.

With lice, nothing is handier than a lice and nit comb. It's specially made to remove even the tiniest, most stubborn nits that cling to the hair shaft without damaging the hair or scalp. When you choose one with a stainless steel design, it's virtually unbreakable and will tackle the toughest nit problem. Lice control spray helps to keep living quarters free of lice for added protection against lice infestation.

What could be creepier than bed bugs lurking in your sheets, pillowcases and blankets? Sleep better at night by arming your household with a non-toxic bedbug eliminator. For years, pesticides have been the only alternative to kill these pesky creatures, but now you can keep them in check without toxic chemicals. Spray it around the house and carry some with you when you travel to "debug" your hotel room. Lotions and creams won't work but spray-on bed bug eliminator will. Keep some on hand as a deterrent against annoying bed bugs. It pays to be prepared, especially when you travel!

Whether you're looking for bubble and baby bath products or items to keep your baby healthy, make sure you and your family are protected from pests like lice and bedbugs. There are a number of products available to make it easier. Best of all, you have non-toxic alternatives available to keep your little ones safe.

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