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 –  Wet babies are crying babies, and those 3 A.M. diaper changes make you feel pretty tired the next day. Is there a way to make nighttime a little easier? Start with a diaper that offers maximal protection against wetness. Both baby and mom will enjoy the benefits of nighttime absorbent diapers, ones that fit snuggly and keep baby dry. Baby will rest in comfort and mom and dad will be awakened less throughout the night. Everyone wins!
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Not all diapers offer the same overnight protection against wetness. Some fall short when it comes to keeping baby dry throughout the night. Some cloth diapers can't match the absorbency or convenience of disposable ones and may not be the best choice for keeping baby dry throughout the night. Disposable overnight diapers offer a full 12 hours of protection against spills and leaks for less mess. They're made with waistbands that fit securely against a baby's body for greater protection yet are soft enough for comfort.

Extra-protection diapers are another way to keep your baby dry and comfortable throughout the night. With these diapers, the sides stretch and perfectly conform to a baby's body. Plus, you can overlap the side tabs for a more secure fit and added protection against nighttime leaks. Extra-protection diapers aren't just for nighttime. They're ideal for keeping baby dry when traveling, especially on long road trips, or any time you need extra absorbency.

Moms that want to take a more natural approach to diapering will appreciate baby overnight diapers that are free of chlorine, latex, petroleum products and fragrance. These diapers are absorbent enough for babies of all ages, including a newborn, to rest comfortably throughout the night. Plus, they're hypoallergenic and won't irritate a baby's sensitive skin.

As baby gets older, it's time for potty training. During daytime training, a child may still be dry but have leaks and accidents at night. Nighttime training pants allow potty training to continue at night while absorbing wetness to keep the sheets cleaner. They're easy to slip on and off, like pants, a fact a child can appreciate. Kids are happy to be out of diapers and mom is glad the sheets are protected. Plus, kids can practice pulling their "pants" up and down in preparation for being fully potty trained. They'll also enjoy the fun graphics printed on their training pants. Everyone is happy!

You can also choose nighttime training pants made for little girls and little boys - each designed to offer protection where each needs it most. Sleep pants underwear for girls is another option for little girls who aren't quite potty trained at night, and little boys can enjoy the extra protection that sleep pants underwear for boys provides. Either way, they'll enjoy being out of diapers and the fact that they're "no longer a baby."

With so many options available for keeping babies and kids dry overnight, mom and dad can enjoy the advantages of getting more sleep. Everyone can rest more peacefully and feel better in the morning.

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