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Pacifiers and Teethers

 – As a parent, you want your baby to be as comfortable as possible at all times. Sometimes, it is easy to keep your baby comforted and at ease, but during certain times in your child's life, stress or pain may make him or her irritable and fussy, leaving you at a loss as to how to help. Pacifiers and teethers are two solutions that can provide relief from certain types of discomfort, easing distress. Having these supplies on hand can help to keep your baby feeling better and relieve some of your own anxiety and stress when your little one is inconsolable.
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Teething is one of the most difficult times in infancy. As a baby's first teeth begin to break through the gums, it is normal for a little one to be restless due to pressure and pain. During this stage of development, babies often have the inclination to chew outside of feeding and nursing, which can lead to their mouthing items that could be unsanitary or dangerous. Teethers are the perfect solution to this problem, as they are specially designed to be safely chewed without posing a risk for choking. By offering your child a teether when you sense he or she is uncomfortable, you can reduce the chances of your baby becoming fussy due to teething.

Like pacifiers, teethers come in many different styles, and many babies show preferences for one particular type over another. Each baby is different, so it's possible that your little one may not accept the same type of teether that his or her brothers or sisters did or that other babies that you know seem to like. Options for teethers include soft toys as well as hard toys made of plastic or silicone. Some are smooth, while others have bumps and ridges that massage Baby's gums. There are even types that can be placed in the freezer to numb the mouth while Baby chews.

drugstore.com has a wide array of pacifiers and teethers available to meet your needs. You can view all of the products that we carry starting on this page. To see only pacifiers or teethers, refine your search by clicking on the links at the left. We carry pacifiers and teethers from all of today's top brands, and you can quickly see all of the products that we carry from one particular manufacturer's lineup with the menu on the left-hand side. If you're unsure what type of teether or pacifier is best for your infant, consult your pediatrician for customized advice.

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