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Pampers Easy Ups

 –  When a toddler is ready to begin potty training, let Pampers Easy Ups be part of the process. They are specially designed to help encourage children through the potty training process. Pampers Easy Ups are most useful when toddlers are actively potty training during the day, but still need protection at night. They hold 25% more liquid than the other leading training pant, and absorb faster, too. Both boys' and girls' Easy Ups are designed so the absorbent core is positioned in just the right place for each. At drugstore.com, we offer a range of Pampers Easy Ups sizes.
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Pampers Easy Ups are designed for a toddler's busy day, comfortable for sleeping and easy to pull down and pull back up when using the potty.

How Can I Potty Train My Toddler?

All children choose when they’re ready for potty training; the timing is different for each. It has nothing to do with a child's intelligence, personality or even their motivation. To make potty training successful, and free of anxiety, a child should learn a set of skills: interpreting the body's signals that a potty needs to be used, control of bladder and bowels, undressing, redressing and washing up.

Tips for Potty Training

When the time is right, Pampers Easy Ups can help make the process easier and less frustrating for the child and the parents alike by being toddler-friendly when using the potty - but ready just in case there are accidents. Many experts believe that the most effective potty training involves a three-step approach: Preparation, learning and reinforcement. Even before the toddler begins training, a potty should be provided - one that is not threatening to the child - and kept in a convenient place that is accessible to the toddler.

The child can practice sitting on the potty, dressed at first and then without clothing. Establish hand-washing routines after using the potty, even if nothing happened, and always praise, encourage and be involved with the child's experience. The design of Pampers Easy Ups makes them so convenient for the little one to pull down and then pull back up, "all by myself!"

Designed and Tested for Safety

More than 700 scientists and professionals at P&G, the manufacturer of Pampers, are dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of the babies who wear their diaper products. The design and manufacturing of Pampers Easy Ups is based in scientific rigor, using the same high standards for the safety of the materials as used by government regulatory agencies. Any ingredient used in the construction of Easy Ups, from the absorbent gel in the core to the cheerful, colorful patterns on the outside, are all tested, reviewed and inspected to ensure safety. The paper portion of Easy Ups are always made from soft, breathable materials, while any fragrances included and colorants used to print the designs on the diapers pass all safety standards. All materials used in Pampers must be non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-irritating to a baby's skin. These materials are then continually reviewed during and after the manufacturing process, and even checked in store settings to ensure their safety.

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