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Pamper UnderJams

 –  Even though the majority of children are able to fully control their bladders by day by the age of 5, for many kids, nighttime bladder control remains problematic through the ages of 5 and 8. If bedwetting problems are interrupting your child's sleep, drugstore.com can help you boost your little one’s self-confidence with nighttime protection. We carry an assortment of UnderJams to help effectively manage bedwetting symptoms in older kids.
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Why Is My Child Wetting the Bed?

Bedwetting can be an upsetting and embarrassing problem for kids, but it usually is not a sign of an underlying medical issue. Most children will eventually outgrow bedwetting on their own as their bodies continue to develop. Often, bedwetting is caused by slow development of the urinary system, which makes bladder control difficult at night. It can also strike kids who sleep so soundly that they miss their bodies' cues to awaken and urinate. Some children experience bedwetting as a result of stress due to the birth of a new sibling, the loss of a relative, a move to a new home or another life situation. Your child's pediatrician can help you determine why your child is experiencing bedwetting symptoms and rule out any medical causes for the problem.

Dealing with Bedwetting with UnderJams

In the event that bedwetting is due to an emotional or developmental cause, taking steps to keep your child comfortable while he or she continues to grow and transition is the best strategy for dealing with the problem. UnderJams are a bedwetting aid that can help older children gain confidence and parents avoid the hassles of having to frequently wash bedding. Although UnderJams fit and look like ordinary underwear, they offer the absorbency of a diaper. If a child has an accident, urine becomes trapped inside of the protective underwear. As a result, children awaken feeling drier, and linens and mattresses stay dry.

A Commitment to Quality

UnderJams protective underwear products are produced by Pampers, one of the best-selling brands of diapers on the market today. The protective underwear features a unique technology called NightLock that helps to make UnderJams as absorbent as possible. This absorbent core is placed in the front for boys and in the middle for girls, so that UnderJams can draw urine away in the areas where it is most likely to pool and leak. With popular characters and colorful patterns featured on their exteriors, UnderJams seem like underwear to children and have a comfortable fit that won't disturb sleep.

Choosing the Right UnderJams

To get the most out of UnderJams protective underwear, you'll need to purchase the right type for your child. Not only are UnderJams available in versions for boys and girls, but they also come in different sizes. The sizing runs by a child's weight rather than age or height. It's a good idea to weigh your child before making your first purchase to ensure that you select the product with the ideal fit. If your child does not weigh enough for UnderJams, overnight pull-up diapers can be used, and you can find those here at drugstore.com.

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