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Potty Chairs and Seats

 –  Though it can be a stressful process, many parents are thrilled when their child starts learning how to use the toilet--after all, successful potty training means the end of diapers. Tools like potty chairs and seat attachments are some of the best learning tools your child can use when getting in the habit of using the bathroom, and you can find a wide selection of these products at drugstore.com.
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Dreambaby Soft Cushion Potty Seat- 1 ea
Dreambaby - Soft Cushion Potty Seat - 1 ea
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Pourty Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer, Blue White- 1 ea
Pourty - Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer, Blue White - 1 ea
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Karibu Baby Step Potty, White- 1 ea
Karibu Baby - Baby Step Potty, White - 1 ea
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Summer Infant Little Looster Potty Training Stepstool- 1 ea
Summer Infant - Little Looster Potty Training Stepstool - 1 ea
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Is My Child Ready to Potty Train?

Like most developmental stages for kids, there is no set age at which you can guarantee that your toddler will be ready to start potty training. Instead, you may need to tailor your plan so that it caters to your tot's physical and emotional development. Many experts agree that physically, your child might be ready to start using the toilet when he or she has mastered control over the muscles that are responsible for urination and bowel movements. Your little one has probably reached this stage if you are changing diapers very infrequently. Emotional signs tend to be a little harder to read, but children may start taking more of an interest in the toilet or showing that they want to be more independent. The majority of children begin potty training between the ages of 2 and 3, but some kids don't have any interest in using the toilet until they are 4 or even older.

How to Choose a Potty Chair

Deciding that it's time to start toilet training is an important first step, but your next essential task is choosing a potty chair. These products are typically available in two different varieties: freestanding chairs that are used on their own, or seat attachments that are used with your regular toilet.

Often, younger kids appreciate having their own potty chair that is lower to the ground and may feature a fun color or design. These all-in-one tools feature a small enough seat for your tot to feel comfortable as well as a compartment that catches the waste so that you can dispose of it in the regular toilet.

Kids who are interested in the adult toilet, on the other hand, may prefer a seat attachment that allows them to use the bathroom safely and comfortably. These tools are often a favorite for parents because they involve less cleaning, but your little one might get scared of being too far off the ground. Often, parents will start with a separate potty chair and then switch to a seat attachment once kids get more used to the experience.

Getting in the Habit

Teaching your child how to get in the habit of using the toilet may take some time and patience, but there are a few things experts recommend to improve your tyke's chances. Consider setting a regular bathroom schedule and encouraging your child to "try" to use the potty (even if he or she doesn't feel like going). You might also consider teaching your little one to recognize the signs of needing to go to the bathroom and make quick trips to the toilet whenever they arise.

Just as every child will start potty training at a slightly different age, the learning process may come quicker for some kids than others. Still, as long as you use tools like the potty chairs and seat attachments you can find at drugstore.com, you can better your chances of success.

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