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Swim Pants

 –  The swimming pool and the shore can be fun places for babies and toddlers, and you want every dip your little one takes to be enjoyable and safe. drugstore.com can help you make sure your baby or toddler has nothing but fun splashing and swimming. We have an assortment of swim pants designed to promote good hygiene and comfort whenever your child hits the beach or the pool.
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The Importance of Swimming Hygiene

Swimming is great exercise and a fun form of recreation for children. Unfortunately, swimming can also expose kids to germs. Each year, adults and kids across the country fall ill from Recreational Water Illnesses, infections that are spread through swimming in contaminated water. Roughly 62 percent of these illnesses are caused by one particular type of bacteria found in fecal matter. This type of bacteria is not killed by chlorine in pool water, which makes swimming hygiene very important to protecting your child's health when he or she swims.

Can Babies Swim in Diapers?

Most swimming pools enforce strict rules regarding babies and kids who are not yet fully potty trained to protect the health of all of their patrons. At most public pools and swim clubs, children who are not potty trained must wear diapers while swimming in baby pools or full-size pools. Ordinary diapers may be acceptable at some facilities, but they are generally less than ideal for kids. When a child gets in a pool wearing a disposable diaper or disposable pull-up pants, the absorbent materials quickly begin to soak up water. This causes the diaper to swell and become uncomfortable for the child wearing it. In addition, the diaper becomes saturated and unable to absorb waste.

What Are Swim Pants?

Swim pants are a solution to the problem described above. This type of disposable diaper has a water-resistant outer covering that helps to keep the materials from absorbing pool water. As a result, they are better able to prevent leaks if an accident occurs and are much more comfortable for babies and toddlers.

How to Choose Swim Pants

To get the right swim pants for your child, start by determining which size is best. Like ordinary diapers, swim diapers are usually sized by weight rather than by age or body measurements. Each product will have its own sizing guidelines, so be sure to read the product descriptions carefully. You'll also need to determine whether the swim pants are made for boys, girls or both genders, as some styles are extra absorbent in the front or middle.

Pool Hygiene Tips for Babies and Toddlers

While swim pants are helpful for stopping leaks, medical experts caution against allowing kids to swim with wet or dirty swim pants. If your child goes to the bathroom, have him or her get out of the pool and change pants quickly. Doctors also recommend that parents clean their children's diaper areas thoroughly before putting on fresh swim pants. For children who are actively potty-training, scheduling bathroom breaks every 30 to 60 minutes can help to decrease the likelihood of needing to change a swim diaper.

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