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Do you need protection from UVA rays or UVB rays?
UVA rays penetrate your deeper layers of skin and are considered to play a major part in aging and wrinkling, as well as developing skin cancer. Furthermore, they’re present all year round and can penetrate glass, fabrics and clouds.

UVB rays will cause your skin to burn and tan. They can also play a key role in skin cancer. The most significant amount of UVB rays hit the U.S. between 10 am and 4 pm from April to October.

Banana Boat products offer broad-spectrum coverage which means protection from both types.

When, and how often should you apply sunscreen?
The best time is 20-30 minutes before going outdoors. Reapply sunscreen every two hours or more often if you’re getting wet or sweating. If you don’t have time to apply lotion try a spray-on sunscreen like UltraMist®

What parts of the body are most vulnerable to sun damage?
Often-missed spots that burn easily are ears, lips, eyes and nose. The Banana Boat SPF 30 stick is great for these sensitive and vulnerable areas. Your neck and shoulders also get prolonged exposure to the sun and should be coated with sunscreen frequently.

Where are you most vulnerable to UV rays?
If you hike or ski, know that the sun is stronger the higher up you go. Water magnifies sunlight like a lens so if you’re on a beach or boat use a water-resistant sunscreen. UVA rays can penetrate glass so don’t forget to protect yourself on cloudy days or on road trips. While driving, your left arm is especially susceptible to sun damage.

Is there a good way to apply sunscreen on children?
Children imitate their parents, so if they see you putting on sunscreen they are more likely to cooperate. You can also buy sunscreen made especially for the sensitive skin of babies and kids. Banana Boat® makes pediatrician-tested sunscreens that are mild as water and tear free.

What should you remember when tanning?
The more you moisturize your sun-soaked skin, the longer and stronger your tan will last. Drink lots of water to replenish the fluids you lose in the sun – water is vital for keeping your skin healthy. If you do burn, apply Banana Boat® Aloe Vera Gel to heal faster.

Banana Boat Choose a suncare product with an SPF that meets your needs
Look for suncare products labeled Broad Spectrum or UVA/UVB which provides adequate protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Regardless of SPF level, be sure to reapply every two hours or as directed on the package.