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 –  Most people know Bayer as the trusted maker of one of the most commonly used medications – aspirin. For 150 years people have been lowering fevers and relieving aches and pains with Bayer aspirin. In fact, Bayer invented aspirin and first brought it to market. Bayer has since grown beyond its humble roots to become a major pharmaceutical company and a trusted name in the health care and pharmaceutical sector. It's a company actively involved in researching, developing and producing over-the-counter and prescription medications that improve the lives of both people and animals around the world.
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Bayer: A Multi-Faceted Company Focused on Improving the Lives of Others

Bayer is also a leader in the area of crop protection and maintenance as well as a supplier of medical devices for diabetics to help monitor and control their blood sugar. It's still one of the most widely recognized and trusted brands in the world. Bayer is also the driving force behind a number of prescription medications used to treat conditions such as high blood pressure, hemophilia, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and certain types of cancer. These medications have improved the lives of patients worldwide.

Bayer: One of the Most Trusted Names in Aspirin

Bayer is a name synonymous with aspirin, a medication that lowers fever and reduces body aches and pains. It's also a medication that can be used as a precautionary measure. Many people at high risk for heart disease, under the care of their doctor, take low-dose Bayer aspirin daily to lower their risk of heart attack and stroke. Bayer aspirin comes in a number of forms and dosages - low-dose form, regular strength and extra-strength formulations to target tough pain.

Bayer also offers formulations that combine aspirin with other compounds and medications to tackle specific types of pain like that of a migraine headache. No matter what type of ache or pain you have, there's a Bayer product that can help. Aspirin is often considered a safe medication, but always check with your doctor first before taking aspirin products since aspirin isn't appropriate if you take blood thinners, have a history of a bleeding disorder or have experienced a bleed from your gastrointestinal tract or are at high risk for one. Some individuals should also avoid aspirin due to an allergy. Children and teens with viral symptoms shouldn't take aspirin due to its link with Reye's syndrome.

Bayer: A Company on the Forefront of Health

Bayer is also improving the lives of people with diabetes. Diabetics that need to measure their blood sugars can choose from a variety of diabetic aids and medical devices produced by Bayer to monitor their blood sugar levels.

Bayer continues to research and develop new medications that help change the lives of others. Their emphasis is on innovation and formulating new solutions to health problems that affect the lives of many. Bayer is proud to have recently celebrated its 150th birthday and looks forward to many more years formulating products and solutions that help people live healthier, more rewarding lives.

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