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 –  Coloring your hair at home can help you save time and money, but if you're like many men and women, you may struggle to reproduce the results of professional hair color treatments. Getting the best results from at-home hair coloring requires practice and the right hair color accessories. At drugstore.com we feature many tools of the trade that can help make at home hair treatments easier and more successful.
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How Do You Prevent Staining Skin With Hair Color?

One of the most common problems that can occur with at-home hair coloring is staining. It can be difficult to prevent color from collecting on the skin of the forehead, neck and ears, but you can address staining problems with hair color accessories. Color shields or barrier creams are topical solutions that are applied to the skin prior to coloring. They prevent the pigments in dyes from adhering to the skin. Stain removers are used after coloring to eliminate discoloration. These formulas typically come in the form of pre-moistened towelettes that make it easy to remove dye.

Applicators and Applicator Combs

Some people find that the applicators included with at-home hair coloring products are difficult to use. If you struggle to evenly apply color, you can purchase professional applicator systems to use at home. One option is the applicator comb, which is used to paint on hair dye and allows for greater precision for highlights and lowlights. Many professional squeeze bottles are available for applying hair color all over.

Mixing Tools

If you have knowledge of how to mix hair color on your own, you need the right supplies to ensure the best results. Mixing bottles and measuring cups make it possible to properly combine chemicals prior to application. You'll also need to select the right developer for your needs, and there are various options to choose from depending on the type of results for which you’re looking.

Not What You Expected? Correct it!

Even the best hair color formulas can lead to disappointing results if they're used improperly. Color correction products can improve the look of hair color that didn't come out as you had hoped. Color preparation products are designed to ready the hair for coloring to decrease the likelihood of unpleasant surprises when the color develops. These formulas remove impurities and build-up from the strands that could alter the hue produced by dyes.

Clip-In Accessories

Highlighting and lowlighting hair at home takes skill. If you've never attempted these color treatments before, you can get the look of bold streaks for a special occasion with clip-in accessories. Made of hair or vinyl, these products are pre-dyed in vibrant hues. They come with clips that can be disguised once the hair is in place and then styled as you desire. Because the clips are removable, they don't damage the hair the way that more permanent forms of colored hair extensions can.

You can find all of the accessories that you need to reproduce professional hair color treatments at home right here at drugstore.com. We carry only the finest accessories and price them to suit your budget, so that you can get all of the essentials in one place. Shop our collection now to stock up on the accessories you need to help you get the most gorgeous results possible from your at-home hair color.

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