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Acne Care

 –  If you have oily or acne-prone skin, many of the skincare products currently on the market simply aren’t effective enough to handle your needs. What you need are over-the-counter formulas that target the problem, while also addressing basic skin care such as cleansing, hydrating, and moisturizing.
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How do these products work? Acne care formulas have been designed to perform at least one, if not more, of the following tasks: oil reduction, fighting off bacterial infection, inflammation minimization, and/or encouraging skin cell turnover. Each of these capabilities enhances recovery from an acne breakout, promoting clearer, fresher looking skin. Several different types of topical acne products are available, and you should select the one you use according to what it is designed to do for your current skin care issues.

Formulated for occasional instances of acne, spot treatments offer non-comedogenic solutions that promote faster clearing of minor breakout issues. This type of topical formula usually provides a powerful formula to promote fast healing.

Offering a silky feeling, the formulas of gel cleansers made for acne troubled skin are easy to use. They offer gentle, non-irritating, non-comedogenic solutions to wash away the excess oils and grime that contribute to a breakout. Some of the products in this line have also been proven to wash away existing bacteria as well. They are available in both foaming and non-foaming formulas.

Unfortunately, sensitive skin types generally suffer more when an acne outbreak occurs. Skin that is already prone to irritation becomes even more inflamed when blemishes occur, often leading to increased levels of discomfort. Fortunately, recovery creams for sensitive skin types are formulated to deliver soothing, non-irritating, gentle relief from blemish breakouts by avoiding artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, and alcohol.

Daily acne lotions and creams often come with moisturizing capabilities to ensure they are gentle enough for everyday use. This type of formula is designed to aid in controlling oils in order to minimize acne problems.

When you are concerned with the size of your pores due to the frequent occurrence of acne, you have a great option that you can use to deep clean and refine their appearance. Formulated to provide efficient exfoliation, pore refining scrubs and pore therapy formulas help to shrink skin pores back to normal.

If you prefer to deal with your acne issues at night, overnight formulas are available that are just as effective as daytime solutions. They are designed to be applied thinly right after you cleanse your face and right before you retire for the night.

Facial washes for problem or oily skin types and blemish control bars are good ways to help keep control of your acne problems. An occasional night with a mask designed to clear up excess sebum is a nice treat for your face. Including a cleansing mattifier in your beauty care routine can help to create a smooth finish for your complexion, even if you are troubled by acne.

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