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Acne Care

- Acne is the most common dermatological condition among men and women, but if you're a man with acne, it can be difficult to find products to use to address blemishes. While it's true that many skin care products on the market today are geared toward women, there are solutions out there to help you promote a clearer complexion, and drugstore.com is here to help you discover them. We've put all of the best acne care products for men in this product selection for easy shopping.
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Why Do Guys Get Acne?

So why do guys get acne blemishes in the first place? The answer lies within the little openings of your skin called pores. When dead skin, sebum (skin's natural oil), sweat, debris and bacteria build up in the pores, they mix together and form stubborn clogs. The immune system identifies the clogs as a threat and releases chemicals that cause the skin in the affected area to turn red and swell, giving rise to a blemish.

Irritation due to shaving can worsen the problem, leaving skin more inflamed. Male sex hormones can also play a role in acne by causing the body to produce more sebum that contributes to clogs.

Spot Treatments for Men's Skin

When pimples pop up, spot treatments for men can be used to help them heal more quickly. A spot treatment is an acne care product that is applied only to existing blemishes. Some spot treatments contain salicylic acid, sulfur or resorcinol. These FDA-approved acne treatments break down clogs in the pores and help speed the healing of blemishes.

Products with sulfur also fight the bacteria that cause acne. Spot treatments for men may also feature benzoyl peroxide, another FDA-approved topical acne treatment. This ingredient helps clear up blemishes by killing acne-causing bacteria.

Treatments for Promoting a Clearer Complexion

If you suffer from acne, using a daily treatment can help you to decrease the frequency of breakouts. Daily treatments for men include medicated pads, lotions and creams and are intended to be applied all over the complexion or to spots that are most prone to blemishes, such as the forehead, nose and chin. Treatments often use benzoyl peroxide to diminish levels of acne-causing bacteria in the skin and regulate sebum production to promote clearer pores. Salicylic acid is also used in daily treatments to remove dead skin and lessen the risk of clogs forming. More severe acne may need to be treated with oral antibiotics or prescription-strength creams or lotions, so talk to your dermatologist if over the counter products are not working for you.

Complete Acne Care Regimens

Men with acne can improve the effectiveness of acne treatments by using them as a part of a complete acne care regimen. A daily regimen for acne care should begin with an acne face wash or cleanser. Men's cleansers and face washes formulated for acne care deeply purify the pores to keep them as clear as possible, and many contain salicylic acid to provide additional acne-fighting benefits. After cleansing, you can apply your acne treatment and spot treatment as needed. Then, you can finish with a moisturizer for acne care to keep your skin from becoming dry due to acne treatment.

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