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Acne Devices

 – Don't give up on the fight for clearer skin! The right acne device may be like a secret weapon in your anti-acne regimen, boosting the effectiveness of your daily skin care routine. The latest acne devices bring cutting-edge skin care science right to your home, and using one regularly can go a long way toward promoting healthier skin. At drugstore.com, we feature all of the newest and most popular acne devices so that you can reap the benefits of the latest technologies.
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Enhancing Your Regimen with Acne Devices

An acne device is a hand-held tool that is used regularly to address symptoms associated with blemishes. Some devices are intended for daily use, while others only need to be utilized once or twice per week. While anyone who is prone to frequent blemishes can benefit from the use of an acne device, these skin care tools are especially helpful for individuals who have been unable to successfully manage acne with the help of topical products alone. No matter which type of acne device you choose, it's important that you read the instruction manual that accompanies it carefully and closely follow the directions for use to get the most benefits from the tool.

Deep Cleansing for Clearer Pores

Cleansing is always an important part of a skin care routine, but for people who suffer from acne, it is especially vital to having attractive, healthy skin. Effective cleansing helps to remove surface oils and impurities that can clog the pores and give rise to blemishes. A power cleanser device can increase the effectiveness of cleansing, allowing you to more thoroughly purify your complexion.

Power cleansers that are developed specifically for acne-prone complexions are engineered to provide deep cleansing benefits and reduce pore blockages while cleansing the surface of the skin. Over time, these cleansing tools can help make breakouts less frequent. It's important not to use a power cleansing brush on active breakouts as it can damage and irritate the skin.

Light Therapy for Acne

Light therapy is an innovative new method of promoting clearer skin that is being offered at spas and dermatologists' offices around the world. A blue light acne device can allow you to benefit from this therapy without leaving home.

Most of these devices use LED technology to expose the skin to optimized blue light, which can reduce the amount of P. acnes bacteria present on the complexion. By limiting the growth of this bacteria, a blue light acne device can decrease the risk of new pimples forming and help existing blemishes heal more quickly.

Exfoliating Devices for Congested Skin

Microdermabrasion may also be used as a part of an acne treatment plan, and some brands of acne devices now offer home microdermabrasion systems for routine acne care.

A microdermabrasion device uses finely ground crystals or minerals to gently remove dead skin from the surface of the complexion. Exfoliating the skin in this manner can remove cellular debris that can contribute to blemish-causing pore blockages. Microdermabrasion should not be used on active acne breakouts.

Acne sufferers who have developed scars from severe blemishes may also be able to minimize these marks with the help of an exfoliating microdermabrasion device.

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