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 –  When you think about completing your outfit with jewelry, your first thoughts likely turn to dressing up your hands, fingers, neck and ears, but jewelry doesn't have to only be worn from the waist up. Anklets allow you to add some flair to your lower body and can make an attractive finishing touch for an outfit. drugstore.com carries a selection of well-made, affordable anklets to help you create beautiful ensembles.
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The Design of Anklets

An anklet or ankle bracelet is a piece of jewelry that adorns the ankle and rests at the spot where the leg meets the foot. While there are many different styles of anklets available to complete your outfits, most have a similar design. The most common type of anklet is made from some type of metal. Sterling silver and stainless steel are often used for fashion anklets. Steel can be plated to resemble a precious metal or finished with a genuine precious metal plating, such as 14-karat yellow gold. Whatever type of metal is used, it is usually made into links that are attached to one another to form a chain. Like a necklace, an anklet is usually secured by a clasp that keeps it from falling off throughout the day.

How to Choose Anklets

To get the perfect look from an anklet, you need to find the right style to suit your tastes and complement your ensembles. The first thing that you'll need to consider is whether you prefer a piece with a warm tone like gold or a cool tone like silver. You may want to coordinate the color of your anklet with the rest of your jewelry, but you can also feel free to mix and match, wearing a gold-toned anklet with silver-toned jewelry or vice versa. Some anklets are embellished with charms that add shape or even sparkling gemstones to their designs. Take into consideration the occasion for which you'll be wearing the anklet to help you determine whether a casual or dressy style is right.

How to Wear an Anklet

Anklets can be worn with a wide variety of outfits, but you need to carefully consider what you're wearing to make sure your ankle bracelet looks great. Anytime that your lower legs will be bare you may be able to complete your outfit with an anklet.

Ankle bracelets look great with rolled jeans, ankle-length cropped pants, capris, shorts, skirts, dresses and even swimwear. Be sure that the shoes that you choose to wear with your anklet will help to accentuate your ankles and leave them bare. For example, a pair of flip-flop sandals that exposes the top of the foot and ankle is a better choice for pairing with an anklet than a pair of sandals with an ankle strap.

Before purchasing an anklet, be sure to measure the circumference of your ankle. The ankle bracelet should sit either just above the ankle joint on the inside of your foot or hang just below it. Try wrapping a piece of string around your ankle and then measuring its length to determine what length of ankle bracelet is perfect for you.

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