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 –  Using a daily body lotion offers many benefits for the skin. Moisture is essential to maintaining skin health, and throughout the day, some of the essential hydration in the skin tissue is lost to evaporation. Showering and bathing, arid climates and sun exposure can all lead to excessive moisture loss, which can make the skin dehydrated. The drier the skin becomes, the more likely it is to become dull, rough, flaky and itchy. By simply applying a body lotion at least once per day, you can help to replenish your skin's supply of moisture to avoid the unpleasant, uncomfortable and unsightly symptoms of dryness.
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While applying body lotion is an essential part of daily skin care, it can pose some inconveniences and hassles. Some people avoid using body lotions because they have trouble applying them evenly and using the optimal amount to meet the needs of their skin. If you're among them, using a lotion applicator instead of your hands can help to solve this common problem. Lotion applicators are designed to leave an optimal amount of lotion behind on the skin to ensure proper hydration without leaving the skin feeling greasy or slippery.

Lotion applicators are tools that are designed to make applying body lotion simpler and easier. There are many different types of body lotion applicators, but most have some characteristics in common. Most applicators are made of sturdy, durable material, such as wood or plastic. Their rigid construction helps the applicators move smoothly over the skin to coat the tissue with lotion. Almost all applicators have handles that make them easy to grip when they become covered with lotion. A small number of applicators are pre-moistened pads that are soaked in body lotion.

Nearly everyone can benefit from using lotion applicators to apply their favorite body lotions, but these products are especially beneficial for people with specific concerns. If you suffer from dry skin in a spot that is difficult to reach, such as the middle of your back, an applicator can help you get the soothing, hydrating lotion that you need to address the problem to the right place. Lotion applicators are also perfect for applying spot treatments to body acne and ensuring that sunless tanning lotions or body lotions with self tanner ingredients are applied to every part of the back to avoid missed spots. Individuals who need to apply glycolic acid or retinol creams to their body skin may prefer to use applicators if their hands are sensitive or irritated.

If a lotion applicator would help you get better results from a body lotion or help make applying lotion easier so that you're more likely to do it every day, drugstore.com can help you find the ideal tool. Our lotion applicators collection includes quality products that are available for great low prices. Shop the applicator collection now to find the perfect tool to simplify lotion application, and we'll ship it right to your door, eliminating the hassle of having to visit a specialty store or spa to find a solution for your needs.

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