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Artificial Nails and Accessories

 – You may want to dress up your nails for a special occasion, or simply enhance their appearance because they are shorter than you would like them to be. Whatever the reason, artificial nails can add a touch of glamour and style. Whether you prefer a just-manicured natural look or brightly colored nails with dramatic details, you will find a style to suit you on drugstore.com.
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Press-On Nails

For the ultimate convenience, you can choose to use stick-on or press-on nails that have already had glue applied to them. As the name suggests, you simply clean your nails with a polish remover and apply the nails, holding them in place for a few seconds until they have bonded with your natural nail.

Press-on nails have limited staying power. Beauty experts recommend that you use them in situations where you only want to keep your artificial nails in place for around one day. Avoid immersing your hands in water while wearing press-on nails as this can weaken the glue.

Glue-On Nails

If you want to be confident that your artificial nails will last for seven days or more, you may prefer to use glue-on nails. After cleaning the nails with polish remover, apply a thin layer of glue to the nail bed and the back of the artificial nail. Press it into place and hold for a few seconds until the glue has bonded. You can then clean off any excess glue with a clean manicure stick.

Treat Your Toes

Artificial nails are not just for your hands. If you are wearing open-toed sandals or flip-flops, you may want to enhance the appearance of your toe nails. Because your toe nails differ in shape and size from your finger nails, you need to use artificial nails designed especially for the toes to ensure a neat, comfortable fit. On drugstore.com, you will find artificial nail kits for your toes.

How to Remove Artificial Nails

Most press-on nails can be removed simply by soaking your fingertips in warm water to loosen the glue. The nails can then be gently peeled off. However, beauty experts recommend that you do not peel or break off artificial nails that have been glued in place. This is due to the damage that can be caused to the nail bed underneath. Instead, you should soak the nails in an acetone-based polish remover or use a specially formulated artificial nail remover to dissolve the glue that holds them in place.

Repairing Your Natural Nails

If you find that you have a split in one of your natural nails, some manicurists may suggest using nail glue to carry out a simple repair. This repair would only apply to those who have no sensitivities to nail glue or do not show signs of certain contraindicated hand and nail conditions. Simply apply a small drop of glue to the affected nail and hold it in place until the glue dries. You can then file or buff the nail to remove any excess glue that has hardened.

Nail Art

You can create dramatic effects on your nails with transfers and stick on gems. Let your imagination run wild. Look like you just got a perfect manicure and pedicure from a salon. The sky is the limit with the creative nail art supplies available from drugstore.com.

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