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Bags and Clutches

 – You've amassed the perfect collection of beauty products to help you get the makeup looks you want, but how do you go about storing all those cosmetics and taking them with you when you're on the go? Cosmetics bags and clutches can help you store large collections of cosmetics and supplies at home or when you're on the go, and drugstore.com has many styles to suit your needs.
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Cloth vs. Plastic

The materials from which makeup bags and clutches are made set styles apart from one another. Bags can be fashioned out of cloth, making them soft and flexible. Cloth bags may be easier to fit inside of an overnight bag, carry-on bag or purse, and if the cases are not completely full, they can collapse to take up less space. Clutches and bags made out of PVC and other types of plastic are often more durable than cloth, and they offer protection against leaks, making them ideal for taking along liquids like nail polish, creams, lotions and liquid-based foundations. Some plastic clutches are transparent, letting you see what you have stored inside, so that you can locate items as quickly as possible whether you're at home or on the go.

Choosing the Right Shape and Size

The shape and size of bags and clutches designed for storing cosmetics and tools and accessories greatly impacts how useful they are for an individual woman. You'll want to ensure the bag or clutch you purchase has enough room for all of your essentials, but you don't want a lot of extra space that can make a case difficult to store at home or fit into your luggage or purse. The shape of your cosmetics bag also helps determine how simply you can store and pack it and how quickly you can retrieve items. Deeper bags that are narrow are compact but can make it difficult to access items in the bottom of the bag. Wider, shallower containers keep items within easy reach but maybe harder to fit inside of a tote or other types of handbags and luggage.

Handle Options on Bags and Clutches

If you'll be carrying your beauty clutch or cosmetics bag on its own back and forth to a public restroom, the bathroom at home or with you while you board a train, bus or plane, you'll want to choose a style that is easy to grip. Bags and clutches can have single handles, double handles, carrying straps or no handles at all. Which type is right for you will depend upon how you'll use your bag and your individual preferences.

Special Storage for Special Tools

While there are a large number of general bags and clutches available for beauty products, manufacturers also make some specialty storage solutions for specific tasks. Jewelry rolls are designed to store necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings safely when you're traveling, while hanging organizers can be placed on a hook and unrolled for easy access to stored beauty products. You can also find cases designed for tools of certain shapes, such as sleeves and carriers for curling irons and flat irons.

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