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Bath Brushes

- How much of your body do you want to get squeaky clean in the tub or shower? All of it, of course! That means you need to have the right bath time tools at the ready to help you reach every inch of skin from your head to your toes. At drugstore.com, we have the tools you need to ensure that you don't miss cleaning a single spot. We carry many different types of bath brushes and are sure to have the perfect one to complete your bathing routine.
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Extending Your Reach in the Shower and Tub

A bath brush is a tool that is used in the tub or shower to clean the skin. Brushes feature a cleansing head that is attached to a long handle. The length of the handle extends your reach, making it easier for you to clean every part of your body. While some people choose to use cleansing tools like washcloths and sponges, others prefer bath brushes so they don’t have to worry about missing hard-to-reach spots like the small of the back. Brushes often feature rope or cord loops on the ends of their handles. These hanger loops allow the brushes to be hung from a hook to drip dry after use.

Traditional Bristle Brushes

A traditional bath brush features bristles like a hairbrush. These bristles may be soft and flexible or stiff and strong. Softer bristle bath brushes are ideal for lathering up soap to cleanse the skin. Brushes with stiffer bristles can be used for cleansing as well, but they also lift away dead skin as they scrub.

Sponge and Scrubbers on Sticks

Some people like how bath brushes simplify cleaning hard-to-reach places, but they don’t want to cleanse and exfoliate with bristles. For these individuals, there are other types of bath brushes available. You can find brushes that feature mesh sponge heads that hold a lot of soap for cleansing the skin. There are also brushes with exfoliating heads made from loofah and other materials. These brushes are used primarily to remove dead skin.

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