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Blotting Sheets

 –  You step out of the house with a fresh face of makeup, but how long does your look last? If you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror just a few hours later, you might discover that your once-matte complexion is now oily, particularly in your T-zone. You might try to apply a quick layer of powder to mask the oil. Or, perhaps you grab a tissue and start blotting away, only to discover that, while the oil is gone, so is your makeup.
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Oily skin occurs for a number of reasons, and most women are susceptible to it at one time or another. Your skin may overproduce sebum, or oil, during certain periods of your life - puberty and pregnancy, for example. You might simply be prone to oily skin, producing more oil than the average person. When an oily complexion becomes a problem, blotting sheets are a simple solution.

You can find an array of blotting sheets at drugstore.com, and these products can help reduce an oily complexion without wiping away your makeup. Sized perfectly to fit in your handbag or desk drawer, blotting sheets are portable and ideal for the busy woman. In fact, you might want to have a few packs of blotting sheets on hand so that one is never out of reach.

Unwanted shine can rattle your self-confidence and diminish your cosmetic look, so you want to erase it quickly. With blotting sheets, you can absorb shine-causing oil with ease. Simply use a thin blotting sheet, patting it on those oily areas to absorb the shine. You can even use more than one blotting sheet per session if your skin is extra oily. In just a matter of seconds, blotting sheets can create a matte complexion, one that accentuates your makeup and natural beauty without any excess shine.

Powdering your oil away might be the traditional way to hide shine. However, this technique just adds another layer of makeup onto your complexion without truly reducing shine. Despite their name, blotting sheets are much softer and gentler than paper or tissue would be on your skin. Featuring such nourishing ingredients as tea tree oil, blotting sheets are not harsh or irritating. Instead, they are a simple way to minimize that unwanted shine.

Oily skin can be frustrating. Perhaps an unusually hot day has resulted in unwanted glistening. Maybe that moisturizer you’re using is adding a bit of shine to your complexion. When you invest the time and effort into doing your makeup every day, you want your look to last. Unfortunately, shine and unwanted oil can compete with your makeup.

If you’re prone to oily skin, you might never be able to fully eliminate the shine. However, you can control it. Blotting sheets are an affordable, simple way to absorb excess oil that is leaving you feeling self-conscious. With several styles to choose from at drugstore.com, you’re bound to find one product - if not more - that will work for you. Discover what an all-day matte complexion looks like by using blotting sheets as needed.

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