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Brushes and Applicators

 – You have a complete collection of makeup and accessories in your drawer, beauty bag or case, so you're ready to create all of the gorgeous cosmetics looks that you can imagine, right? Don't be so certain! Without the right brushes and applicators, you just can't make the most out of your makeup, but fortunately, you can get all of the necessary essentials in the collection at drugstore.com.
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Choosing the Right Brush Type

When you're choosing makeup brushes to create your beauty looks, deciding what bristle type is best for your needs is an important first step. Brushes come in two main types: those with natural bristles that are produced from animal hair and those with synthetic bristles that are made with man-made fibers. Natural bristles are soft and make blending easy and they can be used to apply all types of powdered cosmetics. However, you shouldn't use natural fibers for liquid foundations and concealers. Synthetic brushes are more affordable and can be used for all types of cosmetics, but they can make blending more difficult. Keep in mind that the wider the bristle head of the brush, the more area the brush will cover with each sweep. Use narrower brushes for areas where you need more control and wider brushes in areas that you want to cover quickly. Bristle length will also affect application. When bristles are shorter, they will apply more makeup at once, providing a darker, fuller coverage effect than shorter bristled brushes.

Brush Shapes for Every Task

Makeup brush heads come in many different shapes, and each one is ideally suited to a specific task. Foundation brushes are large and have a triangular shape that helps to spread makeup along the face. Concealer brushes are smaller and usually have rounder tips, while blush brushes are triangular and very full and fluffy. A contouring brush for cheeks, jaw and nose will have a slanted head. Eye shadow brushes have smaller heads and come with rounded tips for all over the lids and slanted heads for the creases. Lip brushes will have very tiny, narrow heads for tracing the lip line. Powder brushes are usually the largest brushes in a woman's collection and will have full, fluffy heads for leaving behind a lightweight coating of cosmetics.

Blending Solutions for Your Cosmetics

When you're creating your cosmetics looks, you can use brushes to blend, but many women prefer to use sponges instead. There are a number of different types of makeup sponges available to suit your needs. Wedge and bullet sponges are perfect for blending contour lines made with blush, bronzer and illuminator. A round cosmetic sponge can be used to perfect cosmetics all over the complexion. Wand sponges for the eyes can be used both to apply eye shadow and to blend different shades to create smoky effects or blur the borders between different colors. You may also want to have a selection of cotton round pads, cotton balls and swabs on hand to help you deal with any smears and streaks and to remove your makeup at the end of the day.

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