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Children's Conditioner

 – Even though it may be softer and shorter, your little one's hair is just like yours. It requires nourishment and moisture to stay healthy and without those qualities can become hard to style, leading to tears for him or her and frustration for you. Fortunately, at drugstore.com we can help you make styling less painful and keep your child's hair as healthy as can be by using any of the children's conditioners we offer.
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What Makes Kid's Conditioners Different?

Basic daily conditioners for children are simple formulas designed to meet the nutritional needs of kids' tresses. Most products contain emollients, which are absorbed by the strands and replenish the moisture contained in the middle layer of the hair. This helps to keep kids' hair pliant and soft. Children's conditioners typically contain very mild ingredients, so that they do not irritate delicate skin or the eyes when they're rinsed.

Make Bath Time Easier

Some children's conditioners are formulated to make bath time quicker and simpler. These products combine some of the ingredients commonly found in conditioners with surfactants, the ingredients in shampoos that allow them to remove dirt and oil. With these 2-in-1 conditioners, you simply apply one product to your child's hair and rinse to both cleanse and hydrate the strands. A small number of products are 3-in-1 formulas that can also be used to wash the face and body, eliminating the need for soap.

Protecting Sensitive Skin

While infants' and children's skin is generally more delicate than adults', some little ones are hypersensitive and may develop skin reactions due to ordinary children's conditioners. For these children and babies, special conditioning formulas are available. The ingredients contained in these products are extra gentle, and often times, they are free of fragrances.

Detangling Your Little One's Locks

One of the most difficult parts of caring for kids' hair is removing tangles and knots from their tresses after shampooing and conditioning. Not only is pulling on the hair to remove tangles uncomfortable for kids, but it can also damage their delicate hair. Spray-on detanglers are special conditioners that are spritzed onto the hair after bathing. The detanglers help to relax the hair strands and make them more slippery. As a result, the comb slides more easily through the locks.

Often times, bathing is part of a child's nighttime routine and is one of the events that lead up to bedtime. A small number of children's conditioners are designed to help kids relax and unwind, so that they fall asleep more quickly. These formulas contain natural extracts that have aromatherapeutic properties, such as lavender and chamomile.

Can Products Prevent Lice?

Children's conditioners may all be formulated to address specific needs. Repellant conditioners feature formulas that include ingredients that help keep lice and pests away from the hair. These products are beneficial for children in schools or childcare centers where lice outbreaks have occurred or for applying before spending time outdoors. Ethnic conditioners for children help to make African-American hair more manageable. These products contain special emollients to soften coarse strands and relax curls.

drugstore.com has a full selection of conditioners for children. With so many products to choose from, our hair care collection has something for the needs of every infant or child. Shop our children's conditioner collection today!

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