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Cubic Zirconia

 –  Although jewelry trends come and go, sparkling gemstone jewelry never fades from fashion. The timeless appeal of gemstone jewelry makes it a smart investment for your accessory collection, and when you choose cubic zirconia gemstone jewelry, you can get beautiful gemstone looks for a very affordable price. drugstore.com has a large collection of fashionable, beautiful cubic zirconia earrings, necklaces and bracelets available.
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Emitations Nancys CZ Stackable Eternity Band Ring, 7- 1 ea
Emitations - Nancys CZ Stackable Eternity Band Ring, 7 - 1 ea
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What Is a Cubic Zirconia?

A cubic zirconia is a type of gemstone that is created through scientific processes rather than mined from the earth. Sometimes called "CZs," the stones are made out of a compound called zirconium dioxide. High quality cubic zirconia gemstones like the ones featured in the jewelry here at drugstore.com are difficult to distinguish from genuine gemstones with the naked eye alone. Typically, you would need to examine the stone under a microscope to see the differences between a cubic zirconia and a natural gem. Cubic zirconia gemstones are far more plentiful than natural gems because they are created in labs. As a result, they are much less expensive in price, making them popular for use in costume jewelry.

Cubic Zirconia Colors and Cuts

Cubic zirconia gemstones can be manufactured to resemble many different natural gems. Most commonly, cubic zirconia gems are used as substitutes for white diamonds, but they can also be colored to resemble blue sapphires, red rubies, yellow diamonds, blue diamonds, black diamonds and other colored gems. Like natural gems, cubic zirconia stones are given a specific cut. The term "cut" refers to the arrangement of faces on the gemstone. Brilliant cut gemstones have ample sparkle or fire, while step cut gemstones show off the color and clarity of the cubic zirconia.

Understanding Cubic Zirconia Carats

When you're comparing cubic zirconia jewelry, one of the things that you'll want to consider is the carat rating of the piece. The carat is a unit of measurement that corresponds to the weight of a gemstone, with one carat equaling 200 milligrams. The higher the carat rating, the more the stone weighs and the larger that it is in size. For pieces that have just one gemstone featured in its design, such as a solitaire ring, you will see just one carat rating. Pieces that have a central stone paired with smaller accent stones may have a carat rating for the main stone and a combined carat rating for all of the gems in the piece. Pave style rings that feature many small gems will typically only have a combined carat rating.

Caring for Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Cubic zirconia gemstones are very durable, making caring for cubic zirconia jewelry an easy task. The simplest way to keep cubic zirconia jewelry clean is to purchase a jewelry cleaning solution and to use it as directed by the product packaging. Before wearing your cubic zirconia jewelry, be sure to check all of the prongs on its settings to ensure that they are still tight and free of any signs of wear and tear. Storing your jewelry in a jewelry box will help to preserve its life and keep it in the best possible condition.

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