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Cuticle Maintenance

- Caring for your nails means more than the occasional trimming and polishing. Eliminating those unsightly cuticles leaves your nails looking well-groomed and ready for a perfect manicure. In order to successfully trim your cuticles, you need the right implements. Investing in a few key tools allows you to clean up the nail bed so that your nails are always looking their best. Stock up on cuticle maintenance supplies at drugstore.com for a salon-quality manicure that you can create at home.
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Tools to Push

If you've ever paid attention when the nail technician works on your nails, you know that treating the cuticles is a two-step process. One step involves pushing back the cuticle, which might be creeping onto the nail bed. Several nail tools allow you to complete this task with ease. A flat-edge cuticle pusher allows you to gently push back your cuticles to reveal more of the nail bed. You may also pick up a pack of disposable manicure sticks, which feature a sturdy and flexible flat end that allows you to easily push back the cuticles. For more long-term use, opt for a stainless steel variety, which also comes with a built-in nail cleaner on the opposite end.

Implements to Trim

Trimming the cuticles is another technique that cleans up your nails and preps them for a perfect manicure. Several implements allow you to trim those nails without any discomfort. Stainless steel cuticle nippers feature narrow blades that give you ultimate precision when shaping your nails. The easy-to-grip handle ensures cuticle trimming is always a safe task. These tools are designed to trim any hangnails as well.

Another way to combat overgrown cuticles is using an implement that resembles a pair of tweezers. These tools allow you to easily grab onto the cuticle and trim it back to reveal your healthy nails. Some trimmers come with a protective sheath, allowing you to safely store the tool and protect the blade in between uses.

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