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Cuticle Treatments

 – Healthy nails begin with healthy cuticles. Cuticles help to protect the matrix of your nails, the part of your nails responsible for growth. As the new nail grows from the matrix, it needs time to harden. Until it does, the cuticle helps protect it. Without healthy cuticles, bacteria and yeast can reach the pocket that separates your nail fold from your nail and increase the risk for infection.
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Caring for Your Cuticles

Even the most beautiful nail polish can't hide unhealthy cuticles. Healthy cuticles begin with regular moisture to keep them from drying out and becoming brittle. Cuticle creams contain ingredients that hydrate and soften dry cuticles. Some contain ingredients like vitamin E, cocoa butter and natural oils that nourish and protect against moisture loss.

Why is it so important to replace lost moisture? Each time you wash your hands you strip your cuticles of essential moisture that keeps them healthy. When your cuticles become dry, they peel and flake. Not to mention they look ragged! This is bad for your cuticles and for the health of the nail matrix underneath. Ideally, you should moisturize your cuticles with a cuticle cream each time you wash your hands. Moisturizer isn't just for your face and body - it's for your cuticles too.

Cuticle oils are another way to moisturize your cuticles and keep them from drying out. These oils contain ingredients like vitamin E, sunflower oil, avocado oil and nut oils that nourish and hydrate without feeling heavy or greasy. That's because the oils in these products absorb quickly into your cuticle rather than staying on the surface. Vitamin E in some of these oils provides added antioxidant protection. That's a bonus since your nails are constantly exposed to the environment.

Overgrown Cuticles

Overgrown cuticles make your nails look uncared for. What you don't want to do is cut or trim them with scissors. Most dermatologists advise against this practice. Cuticle removers can help you deal with the problem of overgrown cuticles without cutting or trimming them. They contain ingredients like aloe that help soften your cuticles so you can gently push them back with nail implements like an orange stick or cuticle pusher. Always use an instrument made for pushing back cuticles to do this. These products have the added benefit of conditioning your nails and cuticles.

With so many nail treatments and with the emphasis on growing longer nails and keeping them pretty and polished it's easy to forget about caring for your cuticles. Dry, ragged cuticles detract from the beauty of your nails and from your overall appearance. Don't forget about caring for your hands too! Hand conditioners made with ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba oil, aloe vera and other ingredients that nourish and protect your hands while conditioning your cuticles at the same time. Keep some close at hand and use it regularly throughout the day, especially after exposing your hands to water. Enjoy the benefits of having beautiful, healthy nails, hands and cuticles

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