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 – Whenever you use a specialized shampoo designed to aid your dandruff-prone hair in ridding itself of embarrassing flakes, you should also consider using a quality conditioning solution that targets dryness. It’s important to choose a formula designed to address your particular situation in order to achieve results that deliver beautiful hair and a scalp that feels great. At drugstore.com, we have anti-dandruff formulas that have been created for all types of hair issues, including product buildup, oiliness, sensitivity, dryness, limpness, and damage.
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DHS Conditioning Rinse with Panthenol, Fragrance Free- 8 oz
DHS - Conditioning Rinse with Panthenol, Fragrance Free - 8 oz
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Basic Dandruff Conditioners

The most basic anti-dandruff conditioning solution is formulated with ingredients that moisturize the scalp in order to deliver relief from the dryness that causes flaking. As a result, your hair becomes more manageable and softer, and the scalp becomes less irritated, eliminating flaking if used on a daily basis.

Advanced Dandruff Formulas

Formulated for people who want beautifully soft hair that is flake-free, advanced dandruff formulas soothe the scalp with fresh moisture, enhancing its health and reducing the presence of unpleasant flakes. People who have serious or repeated bouts of dandruff might obtain better results when using an advanced formula rather than a basic one.

Reparative Dandruff Formulas

Not only do reparative conditioners fight against unsightly flaking, but they also heal split ends, manage static electricity, and improve the natural bounce of your tresses. Reparative dandruff formulas infuse damaged hair with fresh stores of moisture, relieving the itchiness of dry scalps. Some products even rejuvenate the healthiness of the scalp at the same time.

Intensive Treatment Anti-Dandruff Conditioners

Giving your hair and scalp an extra boost, intensive formulas reduce flakes, scalp itchiness, irritation, and dryness through a vitamin-rich formula that restores the silky nature of distressed hair. Sensitive skin types might benefit from the choice of an intensive anti-dandruff formula rather than a basic one.

Fragrance Free Dandruff Conditioning Solutions

This type of conditioner is not only free of the fragrance that can compete with your perfume or cologne, but it is gentle enough for use on easily irritated skin. It helps to minimize flaking, while also mending the damage that dryness has created.

Nourishing Scalp Conditioners for Dandruff Prone Individuals

An irritated scalp needs the fresh stores of moisturizing ingredients that nourishing scalp conditioners deliver. As the scalp is treated to the goodness of a hydrating formula, it becomes soothed and calmed back to health, restoring the vitality of your tresses.

Scalp Therapy Conditioning Solutions

Once dandruff has gone on for too long, the scalp becomes highly irritated and in need of advanced ingredients and treatment-level conditioning. Scalp therapy conditioners fortify the scalp’s health with rich vitamins and fresh moisture that relieve irritation and dryness, effectively minimizing flaking and maintaining the results.

Dandruff Conditioners for Swimmers

Conditioning anti-dandruff formulas designed for individuals who swim frequently contain specialized ingredients known to offer protection against the harshness of pool chemicals. Additionally, they often help to prevent the fading of hair color.

Natural Dandruff Conditioners

Designed to minimize sensitivity arising from harsh ingredients, conditioners made with natural ingredients are mild. Typically, they offer lightweight formulations that avoid synthetic fragrances, colors, and ingredients.

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