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Ethnic Shampoos

 –  Shampoo is one of the most important products in any person's hair care regimen, as it helps to keep the hair purified and free of dirt and debris. The makers of hair care products develop formulas with particular hair types in mind, and ethnic shampoos are those made specifically to meet the needs of African-American hair. drugstore.com has an array of ethnic shampoos available for men and women.
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Benefits of Ethnic Shampoo

African-American hair is different from all other hair types. Its flat shape and coarseness make it prone to frizz and dryness and can make it difficult to style. Ordinary shampoos can often worsen these problems by removing too much of the natural oils, exacerbating dehydration of the strands. Ethnic shampoos are better balanced to reduce the chances of dryness occurring after you wash your hair. These products are made to offer cleansing benefits and to work with the natural structure of the hair for best results. Using an ethnic shampoo can make all the difference between having hair that is easy to style into your favorite hairdos, whether they are straightened and relaxed, natural and curly or braided and twisted.

Types of Shampoo for African-American Hair

Just like other types of shampoo, ethnic shampoos are formulated to meet the needs of African-Americans with specific hair concerns. For tresses that are already dry, moisturizing shampoos help replenish hydration to leave the hair softer and less prone to frizz. Curling shampoos encourage the hair to form neater waves, so that it is easier to create beautiful natural looks. Thickening shampoos are designed for African-Americans who are showing signs of thinning due to various forms of hair loss, while deep cleansing shampoos are available for use after removing braids or for occasions when the scalp is excessively oily.

Getting the Most from Your Shampoo

If you want to get the best results from an ethnic shampoo, you first need to ensure that the type you select is right for your hair. Some African-Americans may need to use two shampoos, relying on a moisturizing shampoo after chemical treatments and when dryness is evident and another type to manage daily hair care concerns like amplifying curls. To prevent dryness, you should wash your hair less frequently than every day. How often you'll need to wash will depend on your lifestyle, the climate in which you live and how much oil your scalp produces.

Forming a Complete Hair Care Regimen

Ethnic shampoos are a great start to a healthy ethnic hair care regimen but they are not the only products you should use on a regular basis if you want to have great looking hair. Always follow shampooing with ethnic conditioning products, and use a leave-in conditioner on days when you're skipping the shampoo. Treatments can be used to address your hair care problems, and you can rely on styling aids to help you tame curls, enhance the sleekness of straight styles and provide hold for more structured African-American hairstyles.

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