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Face Scrubs

- While washing your face with soap helps cleanse away dirt and oil, it takes a product with some grit to remove the layer of dead skin cells that can collect over time. Here at drugstore.com, we have a wide assortment of men's face scrubs that you can use to reveal the younger layers of skin beneath the surface. These products may help reduce clogged pores in addition to giving you smoother skin that is easier to shave.
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Do I Need to Exfoliate?

Men's facial skin is very different from women's. Men tend to have bigger pores, thicker skin overall, and hair follicles all along the cheeks, chin, and upper lip. As a result, your skin is likely to trap more particles of dirt and oil that can lead to breakouts and irritation--especially if dead skin is allowed to build up.

Surface cells are shed as part of skin's natural lifecycle, but they need to be manually scrubbed away if you want to get rid of them. Exfoliation is the process of exposing the younger, living skin cells by removing the dead layer and any contaminants it might be harboring. Many skin care professionals recommend exfoliating regularly in order to keep skin fresh and smooth.

Does Exfoliating Help with Ingrown Hairs?

Another major benefit of using facial scrubs is that these products can make your shaving experience more pleasant. Since exfoliating removes dead skin, it can help smooth out your overall complexion. Smooth skin is much easier to run a razor across than skin that has lots of bumps and pits. Exfoliating can also clear out hair follicles so that facial hair is more likely to grow in a uniform direction--which also helps prevent the occurrence of ingrown hairs.

Types of Face Scrubs to Consider

The materials found in face scrubs vary, but they make exfoliation possible. Some products include micro beads made of plastic, jojoba, crushed walnut shells, corncob, pineapple, or some other gritty ingredients. Others contain granules of sugar, sea salt, or botanicals that dissolve during the exfoliation process.

Face scrubs are also frequently formulated with ingredients that help cleanse skin and impart moisture so as to nurture while they exfoliate.

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