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 –  Just like the rest of your body, your skin requires sun protection to help it remain healthy. In fact, sun care is even more important for the facial tissue than for other parts of the body, as it is subjected to the sun on a daily basis even when most of the rest of you is covered with clothing. Even brief periods of sun exposure can cause damage to the skin cells, which over time can develop into signs of aging like age spots, wrinkles and fine lines. By using a sunscreen product, you can help maintain the health of your skin which can result in a glowing and youthful appearance for years to come.
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Facial sunscreens are unique sun care formulas developed specifically for the complexion. Using a facial sunscreen can allow you to apply a higher level of SPF protection to your face than to the rest of your body for added protection when you'll be outdoors for long periods of time. Sunscreens designed for the face are often specially formulated to be gentler than traditional sunscreens because the complexion is often more prone to irritation than body skin. You'll also find face sunscreens designed for application on particular portions of the complexion that are at an increased risk of damage and irritation, such as the lips and the eye area.

Some facial sunscreens double as skin care formulas, allowing your complexion to benefit from therapeutic ingredients while receiving protection from ultraviolet rays. Facial sunscreens for congested and acne-prone complexions are typically free of oil and contain ingredients that refine and purify the pores to help promote clearer skin. Sunscreens intended for sensitive complexions are extra gentle and feature skin-soothing extracts to calm redness and inflammation. Anti-aging facial sunscreens are enriched with antioxidants, nutrients that break down environmental free radicals before they can damage the skin cells and contribute to the development of wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Most medical and beauty experts agree that the complexion should be protected from the sun not just when you plan to be outdoors but on a daily basis. To make daily sun care simpler, many facial sunscreens are actually moisturizers that contain sunscreen ingredients. These products can be used as the final step in a daily skin care regimen and leave behind emollients and humectants to rehydrate the skin and keep it in good health. Their lightweight formulas are ideal for wearing under makeup, and there are even tinted varieties that can disguise skin imperfections.

When choosing a facial sunscreen, be sure to select a formula with a high enough SPF level for your needs. Look for products that are broad-spectrum to shield your skin from both harmful types of UV rays.

Unsure what SPF level is best for you? Ask your doctor for a recommendation. Once you know what level of protection you need to keep your face shielded from UV, you can return to drugstore.com and find the ideal facial sunscreen for your outdoor adventures and to protect your complexion on a daily basis. We have a big selection of face sunscreens at the best prices, so you're sure to find the perfect solution in our collection.

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