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Gel Polish

 – After getting a great manicure or pedicure or spending the time to complete one at home, you want the beautiful look of your nails to last. All too often, nail polish flakes and chips quickly, forcing you to either touch up your nails or live with the flaws until it’s time for your next manicure. Gel nail polishes can help solve these problems once and for all.
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About Gel Nail Polishes

Gel nail polishes are one of the latest beauty innovations to hit salons. The traditional gel nail polish contains ingredients that react with light and cause the lacquer to harden very rapidly. This allows the nails to dry in a faction of the time it normally takes for a manicure to set. Once the nails are finished, the gel nail polish resists chipping and flaking much better than ordinary nail polish formulas. This means less frequent touch-ups and better-looking nails long after the initial manicure.

Home LED Light Systems

The long lasting results and quick drying of gel nail formulas has made professional gel manicures from salons a hot commodity. Some makeup and accessories manufacturers now offer at-home gel nail systems to spare women the hassle and expense of having to visit the salon for a gel manicure. These systems come with a powerful LED light that is used to "cure" or harden the nails. Many of the systems also include starter nail polishes to use with the system and then offer additional colors for purchase separately.

Getting the Most Out of a System

If you're investing in a home LED gel nails system, be sure to carefully read all of the instructions before trying your first manicure. Gel nail manicures are simple once you master all of the steps involved, but they will not work properly if you do not follow the instructions to the letter. Be sure to read about whether or not your system is compatible with nail lacquers from other brands. If not, only buy gel nail polishes from the manufacturer of your system to ensure best results from every manicure.

Light-Free Gel Nail Color

Some gel nail polishes are labeled as "UV-free," "LED-free" or "Light-free." This means that the products do not require the use of an LED light to harden. Instead, the nail polishes contain ingredients that make them similar in hardness and consistency to gel nail lacquers. Keep in mind that while these types of nail polishes often do produce longer-lasting results than ordinary nail polish, they cannot completely replicate the look or durability of gel nail lacquers that use light for curing.

Gel Removal Products

Unlike ordinary nail lacquer, gel nail polish can typically not be removed with ordinary nail polish remover. Instead, it is necessary to purchase a soak kit that contains special chemicals capable of dissolving the gel nail color. Many at-home systems include a starter supply of remover. At-home gel nail removal products are generally effective at removing gel nails applied at salons. However, if you had a professional gel manicure and are not able to easily remove the nails after using the kit as directed, visit the salon for assistance. Never try to flake, pick or force off gel nails.

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