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Gels and Creams

– Even the healthiest of hair sometimes needs a little help to look its best. Everyone has days where their hair is difficult to manage and shape, and for some styles, it's just not possible to obtain the sculpted, sleek look you're hoping for without some assistance. Salon styling gels and creams are professional-strength styling aids that the pros use to get flawless styles, and by adding these products to your hair care regimen, you can create hairstyles that will really wow everyone you see.
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Styling gels and creams are often used to make the hair easier to shape. Traditional gels have a jelly-like consistency and make the hair very sleek. These products often create a stiff feeling once they dry, making them useful for creating very sculpted hairstyles. Flexible hold gels are a newer innovation that offers slightly less hold, but leaves the hair softer and more natural in appearance. Styling creams have a consistency more similar to a lotion and make the hair more manageable without adding stiffness.

Texturizing and defining gels and creams are specialty products designed for curly and wavy styles. A texturizing styling product helps the hair to curl and is ideal for men and women with straighter locks that want the look of waves or curls. Defining gels and creams are used on hair that is already curly or wavy. After applying one of these formulas, you'll find it easier to style your curls with your hands or a comb to create attractive shapes.

Frizz is a common hair care problem that develops when the hair absorbs moisture, causing the strands to swell. The most common cause of frizz is humidity, as the excess moisture in the air increases the chances of moisture absorption. Anti-frizz gels and creams fight against the formation of frizz by creating a thin barrier over the outside of the hair strands. This makes it more difficult for moisture to enter the hair shafts.

If your hair is beginning to thin or is fine and limp, thickening and volumizing gels and creams can help you give your hair a beautiful boost. Volumizing products add body to the tresses by making the hair strands wider. Thickening products function similarly but help to disguise areas of thinning. These products may also offer hold to keep styles in place throughout the day.

Other specialty gels and creams are available for specific hair care needs. Glossing cream formulas leave behind emollients that give the hair a healthy luster, making them perfect for women with damaged locks or color-treated tresses that are lacking in shine. Smoothing gels and creams can be used to straighten the hair and are often applied before blow-drying and using a flat iron. A smoothing formula can also help to make ends that are dry and brittle easier to style.

In the gels and creams salon styling products collection here at drugstore.com, you'll find a wide variety of formulations to meet your needs. Start searching our collection to help you overcome your hair care challenges, tame your tresses and get that sculpted, curly or voluminous hairstyle that you've always wanted.

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