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 – You want your hair to look its best whenever you leave the house, but that doesn't mean that you want to spend hours trying to style it. drugstore.com can make styling your tresses a simpler task with our collection of styling aids, including hair gels from today's top brands such as L’Oreal and Pantene. We have many types of hair gel available to help you create the perfect hairstyle and ensure that every strand stays in place throughout the day.
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What Is Hair Gel Used for?

Hair gel is a type of styling aid that is usually applied to damp hair after the basic hair care steps of cleansing, conditioning and towel drying. Gels serve two functions for the tresses. First, they bind strands together, so that you can sculpt or shape your hair into a desired style. Once your hair has been ideally styled, the gel will then keep the hair held in place throughout the day. Most hair gel products come in a tube and are clear or semi-transparent in appearance. Typical gels are sleek and smooth yet sticky to the touch. In addition to traditional tube gels, there are a small number of spray gels available on the market. These gels are usually thinner in consistency than traditional hair gel products, which can make them beneficial for those who want a lighter hairstyle but not suitable for creating more sculpted styles.

Benefits of Using a Gel for Styling

There are many benefits to choosing a styling gel over other types of hairstyling aids. Gels are highly effective at holding the hair in place, making them an excellent choice for those who find that their style loses its shape before the day is finished. The way that gel holds strands together also makes it capable of assisting with the creation of styles that cannot be produced with other styling products. These include looks that are very spiky or that are very slick and sleek.

Is Hair Gel Sticky?

While hair gel does offer many benefits, there are some things that you should keep in mind about its properties. A hair gel will typically leave the hair feeling stiff to the touch. If you're looking for softer results, a spray gel or a styling mousse may be a better solution for your needs. Experts recommend that you brush and comb hair that has been styled with gel as little as possible, as it can produce white flakes if it is disturbed once it is dry. This means that another type of styling aid may be more appropriate for longer tresses that will require straightening with a brush throughout the day.

What Kind of Hair Gel Should I Use?

As you compare styling gel products, one of the most important things to consider is the hold of the product. This refers to how strongly the gel keeps the hair in place. Styling gels are made in light, medium and strong hold formulas. The stronger the hold, the stiffer your hair will be. If you are just looking to slick down frizz or short growth, a light gel will likely suffice, while a strong hold gel is usually best for highly sculpted hairstyles.

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