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 – Almost as soon as your baby is born, you'll start to realize that many of the grooming rituals you're used to performing on yourself apply to this bundle of joy as well. However, since babies are so much smaller than adults, you'll need to use tools that are specifically designed to be gentle on your little one. Here at drugstore.com, we have a wide selection of grooming products that can be used to care for your tot's nails, hair, and more.
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How to Trim Baby's Nails

Even though infants and toddlers have extremely small hands and feet, their fingernails and toenails can grow very quickly. It's important to keep these nails short so that your little one doesn't accidentally get scratched or scratch other people.

When babies are especially small, their nails are very soft and fragile. The safest way to control nail growth is with a file or emery board that can smooth any jagged edges and shorten the nails without hurting your child. Eventually, nails start to get firmer, so you can switch to a baby nail scissor or clipper (adult products will still likely be too big).

You will probably need to trim fingernails at least weekly. Toenails don't grow quite as quickly, so you won't need to care for them as often. To ensure that your child doesn't move around during these tasks, it's a good idea to do your nail care routine when the baby is asleep.

Baby Hair Care and More

It's important to take care of your baby’s hair. To avoid unpleasant tangles, you can brush your baby's clean hair regularly using a brush with soft bristles. Depending on the thickness of the hair, you can also choose to start styling your baby's hair early on, but you should only ever do so with products designed for children.

Other grooming products can be used to care for your baby's ears and nose, but it's important that you use extreme caution when dealing with these sensitive areas. Consult your doctor if you have any questions about safety.

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