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Hand Creams

- Even if you have healthy skin everywhere else, your hands may suffer from dryness and irritation. Because your hands are exposed to the elements daily and usually washed more frequently than the rest of your skin, they are much more prone to becoming parched and chapped. Fortunately, there are skin care products available just for promoting healthy skin on the hands, and drugstore.com can help you find the right one for your regimen. We have a large selection of hand creams available for online shopping.
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Glysomed Hand Cream- 1.7 fl oz
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Gold Bond Ultimate Restoring Skin Therapy Cream with CoQ10- 4.5 oz
Gold Bond - Ultimate Restoring Skin Therapy Cream with CoQ10 - 4.5 oz
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Keeping Hands Well Hydrated

Hand creams are body moisturizers that are made especially to meet the needs of the skin on the hands. Because the hands are prone to irritation, many hand creams contain soothing ingredients like chamomile and aloe vera that calm inflammation and alleviate symptoms of chapping and dryness. Unlike body lotions, which are usually applied just once per day, hand creams are often used many times daily. Experts typically recommend applying cream every time that you wash your hands, particularly during the winter months when skin is most likely to suffer from dryness.

Different Types of Hand Creams

All moisturizers that are intended for the hands are sometimes called hand creams, but there are actually several different types of hydrating formulas available for hand care.

Lotions are lightweight moisturizers that provide a moderate amount of hydration and become rapidly absorbed by the skin. A lotion is usually best for dealing with mild to moderate dryness or for keeping healthy hands from becoming dry.

Hand creams that come in tubes and pump bottles are slightly thicker than hand lotions because they contain more oil. These creams take a little more work to massage into the skin, but they supply more hydration than lotions. Pump bottle and tube creams also leave the hands feeling softer and silkier immediately after application.

Creams that are packaged in jars are thicker products that usually contain occlusive ingredients like lanolin and silicone. Ideal for very dry hands and chapped skin, these heavy creams leave behind a protective barrier that reduces evaporation and protects irritated hands.

Ointments are much oilier than creams and are typically used on severely inflamed and cracked skin. These products provide protection similar to jarred creams, but they leave behind a slippery coating.

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